airman identification

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airman identification

Post by bogbrek » 15 Aug 2020 09:26

Hello everybody, back on this forum after some times (had to register again, as i lost my password, ecc..)
Currently I'm tying to find out more about an Italian airmen. He's the granfather of a lady that currently lives in the city of Rijeka, her granmother was working in the famous Whitehead torpedo factory were she meet the airman in summer (June-July) 1943. I don't have too many information. His name is Gianni (sadly no surname), born in or near the city of Bari, and he was an engineer (motorista) serving with the torpedo bombers (aerosiluranti). As I posted on other forums and groups I found out that around 450 crews in June 1943 were stationed between Fiume (Rijeka), Zara (Zadar) and Pola (Pula) for exercises in the anticipation of the Allied invasion of Sicily. A forum members said he has a photo of his father with a CANT Z 1007 from that period used as a torpedo bomber and that he was part of those 450 crew members. Pretty sure that he was part of those 450 crews. Its strange because Italians used the SM 79 and 84 for torpedo bombing and he said that the CANT Z 1007 were used only for torpedo bombing exercises. These group was know as the "Stormo della morte", roughly translated to english "death squadron". I cannot find any reference to this group of airman, even that any torpedo bomber squadron was stationed in that region. Can anyone help me with that ? If I can find the list of even a squadron that was there maybe I'll be able to find more information about the Gianni I'm looking for. Here is a photo of Gianni.


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