Edda Ciano's affair with a Milanese jewish dentist

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Edda Ciano's affair with a Milanese jewish dentist

Post by DavidFrankenberg » 03 Jan 2021 01:02


have you ever heard about the relationship between Edda Ciano, Duce's daughter and future Ciano's wife, with an italien Jew ?

It's just an hearsay I have heard, but from a solid source. Looking for more, I found a confirmation there :
Police reports kept the Duce informed about young Edda's numerous flirtations: with a station-master, with a Milanese Jew, with a penniless aristocrat from Romagna.

Wolfgang Achtner, "Obituary: Edda Ciano", The Independent, Sunday 23 October 2011 01:23, https://www.independent.co.uk/news/peop ... 16029.html

So the lover was a jewish dentist from Milan. He was arrested and sent abroad by Mussolini as soon as he heard about the affair.

Does anyone know his identity ?

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