Ajaccio 25-09-1943

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Ajaccio 25-09-1943

Post by gttf » 10 Jul 2021 22:25

at the date of Italian armistice (8th sept. 1943) a flight of the 160° Gruppo CT was based at Ajaccio (Corsica), equipped with two CR42 and one G50 (ref.1]. According to [ref. 2], there were at least two clashes between these aircraft (identified as three CR42) and Luftwaffe, on 25th and 26th, september, 1943. In the first clash, one German plane was claimed as shot down, but the next day two CR42 were shot down. The last CR42 was destroyed on the ground during a German bombing on Campo dell’Oro airport (Corsica). Nevertheless, from another source (ref. 3), it would seem that the three aircraft left Ajaccio on 15th to Milis (Sardinia). Maybe the right dates were 15th and 16th and the clashes were over Sardinia ?
MAW vol. 4 does not give clues for the concerned events.

Any info about these episodes ?

Thanks in advance.
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[ref. 2] Manzari, G., “La partecipazione delle Forze Armate alla Guerra di Liberazione. 8 settembre 1943 – 8 maggio1945”, Commissione Italiana di Storia Militare, september 2003, pag. 49
[ref 3] Arena, N. “La Regia Aeronautica 1943-1946”, vol. 1, page 69, Modena, January 1978

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