Question on composition of Italian forces in NA without...

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Re: Question on composition of Italian forces in NA without.

Post by Urmel » 27 Dec 2011 14:13

I'll look through the cargoes. Thus far I have found Wachtfels loaded in Jan 42 with about 7,000 tons of goods, and probably another 400 tons worth of tanks and trucks. I'll go through the loading lists.

What I meant with the trucks was not for the transport off the quay side (although this was also an issue), but also for the transport from storage on to the depots closer to the front (e.g. the main depot for Panzergruppe was in Derna, and the railroad from Bardia would only run to Barce).
The enemy had superiority in numbers, his tanks were more heavily armoured, they had larger calibre guns with nearly twice the effective range of ours, and their telescopes were superior. 5 RTR 19/11/41

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