Italian Army

Discussions on all aspects of Italy under Fascism from the March on Rome to the end of the war.
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Italian Army

Post by Ernesto » 05 Apr 2005 17:50

Hello, my name is actually Bob, I am new to this forum but am already impressed with the information I have found and the professionalism of the individuals. I am a reenactor and am developing a couple of Italian impressions (both pre-armistice and RSI). The primary primary units I am looking at are the Tridentina Alpini, Bersaglieri, and the 29th SS. Any information or reference materials I could get regarding the uniforms, equipment, and campaigns of these units would be greatly appreciated. Looking forward to your replies. Ciao et grazi! Bob Starr

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David W
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Post by David W » 05 Apr 2005 18:25


have you tried the Forum at
For info on the Italian units.

Admin. Hope this is ok?

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Allen Milcic
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Post by Allen Milcic » 07 Apr 2005 14:10

Why not try looking on this site as well?


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