Oil war against CCCP

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Re: Oil war against CCCP

Postby julianignacio » 07 Feb 2018 02:22

A very interesting perspective is provided by Prof. Chapay Sultanov:

"From the start of Operation Barbarossa, when German troops invaded the USSR in June 1941, until the end of the war, Azerbaijan produced 75 million tonnes of crude oil, 80% of the union’s petrol, 90% of its naphtha and 96% of its lubricants."

His assertion that Germany tried to stop the flow of oil from Azerbaijan by taking Stalingrad, thus controlling the Volga, is interesting. Maybe the German High Command (Hitler specially) saw this as a better option, keeping the Baku oilfield facilities intact for their own use.

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Re: Oil war against CCCP

Postby Col_Kurtz_ » 07 Feb 2018 18:55

PQ 17 was not a usual success (disaster) indeed. However the precautionary measures of the Allies following it prove best how effective Luftwaffe could be against naval targets: 1. they sailed as far from the Norwegian airfields as they could (even if it was very dangerous because of drifting ice), 2. most of the convoys ran from late autumn to early spring when LW could not fly because of darkness or bad weather, 3. destroyers and cruisers escorted the convoys with powerful Flak batteries. None of these could defend the Soviet tankers of the Caspian Sea.

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Re: Oil war against CCCP

Postby Dieter Zinke » 08 Feb 2018 10:53

This may also be of interest:

“Bevollmächtigter für die Erdölgewinnung beim Beauftragten für den Vierjahresplan” - later “Beauftragter für die Förderung der Erdölgewinnung“ beim “Beauftragten für den Vierjahresplan” [Reichsmarschall Göring]:
28.07.1938 - 00.05.1945 Militärverwaltungsvizechef Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Alfred Bentz

Ölreferent beim Oberkommando der Kriegsmarine:
Dr. iur. Fritz Fetzer (* 17.09.1896 Ulm/D.). MinRat im OKW; 1941 Aufsichtsratsmitglied d. “Kontinentale Öl” [Konti Öl]

Günther Schlicht (* 17.12.1901 Königshütte/OS, † 04.07.1962). Studium d. Bergbauwissenschaften in München u. Berlin, 1924 Referendar i. d. staatliche Bergverwaltung übernommen, nach der Gr. Staatsprüfung z. Bergassessor ernannt, 1928 aus d. staatl. Bergverwaltung ausgeschieden u. Anstellung b. d. Deutsche Petroleum AG (DPAG), die 1940 in der Deutsche Erdöl-AG (DEA) aufgegangen ist; 1940 Direktor d. DEA, Verwaltung d. Erdölbetriebe, Berlin; Direktor u. Betriebsführer d. DEA, Erdölwerke Holstein, Heide/Holstein; 1941/42 Vorst.-Mitglied der Ost-Öl GmbH; wichtigster Förderexperte der am 27.03.1941 gegründeten Kontinentale Öl-AG (Konti Öl) sowie - als Mitarbeiter von MVVCh Prof. Bentz in der Uniform eines Militärverwaltungsbeamten - in leitender Funktion in der Technischen Brigade Mineralöl. 1943 geht der Komplex Erdölwirtschaft u. -gewinnung in die Zuständigkeit des RMfBuM unter Albert Speer über, wo Schlicht die Fachgruppe Erdölgewinnung im Bereich der “Zentralen Planung” unter Hans Kehrl übernimmt. 1943 - 1962 Vorst.-Mitglied d. DEA; 1952 - 1954 u. 1961 - 1962 Vorsitzender d. Dt. Gesellschaft f. Mineralölwissenschaft u. Kohlechemie e.V. (DGMK), 1955 - 1962 Vorsitzender d. Dt. Nationalkomitees f. d. Welterdölkongresse

See also:
http://www.verlag-scherzer.de/product_i ... ucts_id=56
http://www.verlag-scherzer.de/Buecher/m ... ng_ihv.pdf
Eichholtz, Dietrich: Deutsche Ölpolitik im Zeitalter der Weltkriege. Studien und Dokumente. Leipziger Universitätsverlag, 2010

Dieter Z.
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Re: Oil war against CCCP

Postby thaddeus_c » 22 Mar 2018 12:16

my reading Germany never actually mounted sustained bombing campaigns on any aspect of Soviet production, and for much of the conflict Baku was near the end of their bomber range. IMO they never decided between the exploitation of resources for themselves and denial of resources to Soviets. (also lost in some of the above posts, they HAD pumped so much oil, that there was going to be, relative to Germans' situation, huge "reserves", though it was not proper reserves but just the supply chain)

probably the ideal scenario for Germany would have been to bring Turkey into the Axis, failing that to have retained Syria under Vichy control? they could have sunk all the transports on Caspian Sea per the OP, posed threat to the Soviets oil production, albeit still impossible for Germans to actually gain any of the oil except thru some treaty?

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Re: Oil war against CCCP

Postby ljadw » 22 Mar 2018 15:46

Before Fall Blau Hitler said that he needed the oil of the Caucasus to continue the war . After Stalingrad,he remained silent about the oil of the Caucasus .This proves that he was wrong : Germany continued the war without the oil of the Caucasus .

Other question is : would the possession of this oil have helped Germany ,maybe to win the war ?

The answer is negative .It would have taken years to start again and increase the oil production ,and also years to transport the oil to Germany : in 1940, the SU was able to send 800000 ton of crude (?) /refined (?) oil to Germany through a country that was not destroyed by war . And how would Germany stock this oil and protect the oil tanks against allied air attacks? And how would the Reichsbahn transport the oil to where it was needed ?

And, most important, what would be the result if all this was possible ?

In 1943 Germany had 10,3 million ton of oil ,what would be the benefit of an additional 800000 ton (= 8 % ) ? Marginal at best . To have an effect, a lot of years would be necessay, and Germany had not a lot of years .

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