Hitler's Trousers

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Hitler's Trousers

Postby Ancient~Geek » 19 Dec 2017 01:49

I was watching a documentary about the battle of Berlin and some geezer was doing a piece to camera about how he and Martin Bormann carried Hitler's corpse up to ground level and covered it over with petrol and set fire to it while the shells were going off all around.

But I mean, what happened to Hitler's stuff? I recall seeing another documentary (yes, I admit I am obsessed with the Third Reich but in what I hope is a nice way) where some other geezer was poking about in the ruins of Berchtesgaden and found fragments of what he described as "Hitler's stemware".

I'm not explaining this very well,. But basically if we look at Hitler as a bloke who pulled on his trousers in the morning, somehow, to me, it makes it more ... I'm groping for the word here... between human and understandable. Well, maybe not understandable, at least, I don't know...

I appreciate that since 1945, it's been the done thing to vilify Hitler as a monster but actually, I don't think that helps explain it. He wasn't a superhuman monster. He wore trousers. I'll probably regret this post in the morning but it seems to me that we have the same problem here as we have with so called "Islamic" terrorism. It's not enough to just write these people off as some sort of caricature insane monsters, if we are EVER going to have ANY hope of stopping it happening again, we have to *understand* what makes them tick. However weird it seems to us,,. Down to the level of what happened to their trousers. I assume all his stuff was looted by the Russians, who knows.

I hasten to add that I am NOT trying to say that we should excuse Hitler of anything. But I do sometimes wonder how much control he had over the mechanised system of destruction (eg of the Jews) that he had created. How much did he, actually, personally know? As opposed to what he voiced publicly in his speeches as what he wanted to happen?

I wish I had never started this now, but it's an idea that's been bugging me.

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Re: Hitler's Trousers

Postby Denys » 19 Dec 2017 20:45

You ask what happened to Hitler's trousers? Quite simply: the pants were full of petrol (after they carried Hitler´s corpse up to ground level in the backyard of the Führerbunker and it should have burnt probably very well ... But it wasn´t Borman who carried him to this place.

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Re: Hitler's Trousers

Postby rmark » 09 May 2018 03:22

The 45th Infantry museum in Oklahoma city has some of Hitlers 'stuff' that came from his apartment. Everyday things common to any home.

My adult daughter started to check her hair in a small wall mirror on display, then jumped back, exclaiming it was too freaky to have done that in Hitlers mirror.

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Re: Hitler's Trousers

Postby Knouterer » 16 May 2018 12:13

People are responsible for what they do. That applies to Islamic terrorists as well as to Hitler. And Hitler's crimes are so numerous, so horrific and so well documented that any attempt to portray him as just another human being caught up in difficult circumstances who made some unfortunate decisions immediately becomes ludicrous.

As to what made him tick, there are a number of good biographies, but I don't think it's really possible to understand how somebody could cold-bloodedly order the murder of millions of defenceless people who never harmed him.
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