German War Memorials

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German War Memorials

Post by MoJo » 02 Nov 2002 20:21

New member here. Please excuse if this topic has been tread upon before. I am an American historian who is interested more in the preservation of historic places and monuments related to Military History than the usual discussions of historiography. I've been compiling lists of such places from the War of 1812, and have done some work with the American Civil War too. Lately, I've been interested in similar places worldwide. I've found ample resources concerning WWI, and many examples of memorials done by the Allies in WWII, Omaha Beach and Stalingrad are two examples. However, I am a bit shocked at the lack of similar memorials honoring the fallen Germans of this period.

Japan has several such memorials, from Shinto temples to the Peace Park in Hiroshima. From what I see with Germany, if it isn't a concentration camp, or related to the small network of German resistance, then it is allowed to deteriorate or be destroyed. I just recently learned of the Paratrooper memorial on Crete, which, with the U-Boat memorial, may be the only fitting site of what I'm searching for. I've seen the "Ruins of the Third Reich" website, which was very helpful. Does anyone have any information from personal travels about any sites which commorate the sacrifices of Germans? I'm astonished there are no memorials in Dresden or Hamburg, for the civilians and children lost. Do Germans today think they were necessary losses to rid themselves of National Socialism?

Specifically, does anyone know the eventual whereabouts of the fallen stormtroopers who fell during the Beer-Hall Putsch? I know they were given a place of honor in Munich, but the bodies were exhumed after the war by the Americans. Then what? Did they think that just by sitting by somebody's son's gravesite that I'd want to then run off and burn a synagogue? How preposterous is that?

I'm just now learning about the hushed censorship and rediculous actions of the postwar Allies and Germans concerning the history of the Nazi regime, in relation to sites related to that period in history. I must say, it is unlike any other preservation issue seen throughout the world. Any comments, information, or leads would be greatly appreciated.

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