Political commissars in the Wehrmacht

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Political commissars in the Wehrmacht

Post by Starinov » 24 Dec 2002 18:54

I just finished reading August von Rameneck's memoirs: J'étais lieutenant de panzer. He was a Oberleutnant in the Panzerwaffe, 1941-1945. In 1944, he was an instructor in a junior panzer officer school. In his book, he said that after July 20th 1944, political commissars were established in the Wehrmacht. Can anybody confirm that? Thanks

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Post by Gott » 24 Dec 2002 19:19

There were such people after the July Plot. And according to Siegfried Knappe's book, Soldat, all personnels within the army must use the nazi salute.

i'm sure there are more stuff about it...

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Post by coldam » 26 Dec 2002 01:31


they were called

NationalSozialistischer Fuehrungs Offizier

NSFO for short


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