Generalfeldmarschall Requirements

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Al Carter
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Generalfeldmarschall Requirements

Post by Al Carter » 24 Dec 2002 21:05

What were the requirements traditionaly to become a Generalfeldmarschall? Did Hitler change the requirements? I thought you had to be a battlefield commander, therefore at war. According to ABR Werner von Blomberg was made GFM on April 20, 1936, which is a few years before even the Anschluss.

Thanks for the help.

Al Carter

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Post by Nagelfar » 24 Dec 2002 21:15

I'm guessing WWI commanders of the past also qualified under that wording

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Post by prj453 » 25 Dec 2002 06:06

I don't believe that there were any written requirements to be a GFM. Traditionally, however, the rank was given to army commanders, officers with long and distinguished service, or foreign heads of state.
Hitler intended that Ludendorff would be the first GFM of the 3rd Reich; however, the latter officer declined the offer.
I believe that Blomberg was the only GFM who had no experience in leading an army in battle at the time of his promotion, and the only honorary promotion was given to Boehm-Ermolli, an Austrian Field Marshal from WWI.


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