Schwerpunkt 1942.

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Schwerpunkt 1942.

Post by Homey » 08 Jan 2003 04:44

It has been said that one of the major mistakes of the German High Command (other that attacking Russia in the first place) was when in 1942, Hitler broke up Army Group South and assigned it the diverging goals of Stalingrad and the Caucasus. Would Stalingrad have fallen to the Wehrmacht if the entire weight of Army Group South's schwerpunkt had been solely aimed at Stalin's namesake city? Or would the desperation of the Russians along with the urban battlefield have kept the Germans from completely taking the city, regardless of the additional troops and armor?

Gwynn Compton
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Post by Gwynn Compton » 08 Jan 2003 10:38

Had the Germans gone into Stalingrad a day earlier they might have taken the city by suprise if I recall Beevor's book correctly...


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Post by varjag » 08 Jan 2003 11:59

It probably would not have made other than tactical difference. On paper an earlier and stronger German assault on Stalingrad - would have succeeded. But there were still plenty of Russians west of the Volga to accomplish, sooner or later, what they actually did. One Soviet apparatchik, at that time employed in some Sovnarkom in the Kreml,later wrote that the Germans would have had to kill half the Soviet army before the Russians would admit any defeat at 'the city that carried HIS name.' What was a very bloody affair could perhaps have become even the Russian radio transmitted in German at the time;

'Stalingrad - Massengrab, Stalingrad - Massengrab, Stalingrad - MASSENGRAB.....

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