Origin of Blitzkrieg

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Origin of Blitzkrieg

Post by ravensclaw » 16 Jan 2003 14:49

Guderian was the Grandfather of Blitzkrieg and combined arms.

During WW I (forgive me for not doing all my research) in 1916 the war was stalemated with both sides having high casualty rates but little gains.

A particular battle occurred at this time initiated by the English, French and US forces. The attack was unique (to my knowledge) with the careful co ordination of bombers, tanks, artillery, mine clearers, infantry and other special purpose units. This resulted in a serious loss to Germany and its allies and a major re adjustment to german lines.

The points I would like to bring out for discussion are:

Despite the success of this operation did the English, French and US forces not realise what they stumbled upon in regard to combined arms tactics and its potential? :idea:

Was Guderian influenced by this battle and other similar events, for his design of his Blitzkreig theories? :?

What other trivial information can anyone provide regarding the development of Blitzkreig theory? :idea:

Thanks in advance. 8)

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Post by ChristopherPerrien » 16 Jan 2003 23:41

I would give JFC Fuller much of the credit for thinking of the tactics associated with Blitzkrieg.

Now I would give Von Hutier the true credit for thinking of the "running water tactics" that are the true foundation of "lightning war". The real revolution in modern war happened when the Von Hutier German infantry and artillery tactics aka "Breakthough and exploitation" were combined with the new weapons the tank, airplane, and radio. This "combined arms
" method came along during the inter-war years primarily the result of the work of a few people like Fuller, Gutheridian and others.

Ithink the WWI battle you mention was a fluke and really at the time neither the tactics or the equipment would/could qualify as "blitzkrieg"

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Post by Brig » 18 Jan 2003 06:28

the unabridged version of PANZER LEADER is an EXCELLENT reference source as to the blitzkrieg and development of Panzer tactics. If you want to read up on Infantry tactics, read Infantry Attack! by Erwin Rommel

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Post by ravensclaw » 19 Jan 2003 13:49


Brig, Do you know where I can source that book? is it available for download? Most important - is it available in English?


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Richard Murphy
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Post by Richard Murphy » 19 Jan 2003 16:08

Panzer Leader is almost constantly in print, so should be available from any decent bookshop or on-line site. Infantry Attacks may be a little harder to find (I've never seen a copy!), but, if you are interested in the theory, rather than the practice, try Guderian's Achtung! Panzer!, which explains both his own rationale, and compares it to the other theorists (Such as Fuller.). It was written before the outbreak of World War Two, but is immensely important if strategy and tactics are your "thang".

Regards from the Park,


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