Fall Grün

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Fall Grün

Post by Marika » 19 Oct 2010 20:25

I have a few questions about this plan.German staff officers planned to address a major hit of his troops from Silesia and Austria to Moravia.During the work on the offensive plan was offered a third line of attack from the west through the Sudety mountains. Who was the originator of this project?

P.S I want to apologize for any mistakes but english is not my native language :oops:

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Re: Fall Grün

Post by Pavel Novak » 25 Mar 2012 16:14

I am replying to this post somewhat late. But for clarification - generals wanted main emphasis on attacks to czechoslovak Silesia from north and to southern Moravia from Austria. However Hitler demanded quick run on to Prague from west. Result was compromise:

2nd Army - direction - Olomouc (central Moravia) - attacking through area deliminated by end of heavy fortification line (east) and Jeseniky mountains (west)
8th Army - supportive role - block czechoslovak forces in northern and north-western Bohemia then proceed to Prague and eastern Bohemia
10th Army - main thrust to western Bohemia to Pilsen than directly to Prague
12th Army - attacking to southern Bohemia then continue to east side of Vltava river to overcome czechoslovak interior fortified line behind this river - further task unclear (possibly towards Prague from east or continue demolishing czechoslovak defences on Bohemia-Moravia frontier)
14th Army - thrust from Austria to southern Moravia --- this is actually very unclear for me: It can either attack to western part of southern Moravia, penetrate fortified line and than behind that line turn east to Brno --- or --- attack in direction Wien - Brno (short way). Throuh its deployment it seems like it wanted to use both ways but that mean lack of any numerical superiority over defender in both areas (It look likes that six german divisions wanted to attack on front wide 150 km without any follow on forces).

If somebody have anything to clarify this - don't be shy.

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