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Post by Kev » 02 May 2002 11:59

Hi All,

Could anyone tell me if it was usual practice for NCOs in the Wehrmacht to be transferred to other regiments etc. and if so would they still remain on the books of their original regiments?

Also, was it usual for a regiment to remain in its original division throughout the war, especially between 1939 and 1943?

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Gwynn Compton
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Post by Gwynn Compton » 03 May 2002 03:48

Checking the orders of battle at could be a good place, the ones they show seem to have a lot of units jumping around.

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Post by Qvist » 03 May 2002 08:38

A regiment would normally stay with the same division, unless that division was reorganised or disbanded. Sometimes a regiment was taken from an existing division to form the nucleus of a new formation, but in such cases it usually assumed a new number, while a new regiment was raised to replace it in its original formation, and carrying the regimental number. Very general, but hopefully of some assistance.


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Andy H
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Post by Andy H » 03 May 2002 21:25

I think like most armies, the soldier would tend to stay with the same regiment but it also wouldn't be unusual if he didn't, if that makes any sense. I recently came across one chap who has served in DR, LSSAH & Wiking and the to Stug Bde.

In regards to regiments I agree with Qvist, all of this was supported by the WK system anyway which gave a "sense of being"

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Post by Timo » 04 May 2002 22:33

Hmmm. Officers and NCO's were transferred between Divisions, and within Divisions between Regiments, Battalions, Companies, Platoons, etc., whenever this was needed. And this was needed often. Very often.

Just my 2 cents,

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Post by admfisher » 04 May 2002 23:58

If we go back to the 100 000 man army before the war, it was created along the lines of training a future army.
Basically Germany had a great system for rebuilding or building units. A commander would get people assigned to him and then they would pick key people that would be needed to create the formation.
When a unit was decimated the surviors either stayed with thier units or were moved to others to other units if the origanal unit was not being rebuilt.
Take a look at some of the SS divisions. They were used till only a skelaton of the origanal unit was alive. They were then pulled back and the surviors rebuilt the unit.

In Han von Luck's book he talks of the german officer reserve, apparantly they held back key people, so that a unit in battle that lost an experianced officers or NCO would get one in return.

Hope some of this makes sense I am not sure I am making sense, but overall men were moved to where they were needed. If possible they stayed in thier parent oranganization, but this is was not always possible.

von Luck had some high praise for the german ablitiy to rebuild. Same as in the book that is from the same publisher on the SS corps in Normandy. They also make favorable comments on the reserves system.

The Germans have always been good at detail, and in building an army we see they new what they were doing.


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