Hans von Luck: reliable accounts?

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Re: Hans von Luck: reliable accounts?

Post by Michael Kenny » 24 Apr 2018 00:09

Sean Oliver wrote: Keegan probably sourced this from McKee's Caen: Anvil of Victory
In the 'Death Ride Of The Armoured Divisions' chapter 17. Location then given as 'western edge' of Cagny.
In The Goodwood Lectures von Luck clearly says NW of Cagny.

McKee also states
' Major Close saw a Squadron of F&F Yeo on his left wiped out' in a matter of seconds'. 12 Shermans of C Squadron ( of Fife & Forfar Yeomanry) were in fact knocked out'
which is a garbled version of the F&F Yeo War Diary account of its losses which says:

"The third wave (C Squadron)was strongly engaged by anti-tank guns from the area of Cagny 1164 (map square) and the woods to the northeast of it. The first tank to be hit was that of Major C. Nicholls, and almost immediately Capt. J .E.F. Miller’s tank was destroyed. The rear troop of B sqn., which was
doing flank protection, was also involved and in all some 12 tanks were destroyed in this area
before the situation was in hand. "

I added the text in red.

So the '12 tanks' that the war Dairy says were a guess and was a troop of B Squadron + C Squadron morphed to 'in fact' 12 Shermans of C Squadron alone were lost. . The War Dairy says the situation was weathered and at best the 'deadly' fire from Cagny accounted for a dozen tanks.
McKee uses the old report that gave circa 500 tank losses for GOODWOOD (hence the 'Death Ride' Chapter heading) and that number has been proved to be wildly inaccurate.
The air views of the ground show at most 6 tanks burning in the area NW of Cagny.

McKee also mentions the TII being rammed by Gorman at Cagny but his version does not mention Gorman by name. The account in McKee states that the Irish Guards Officer collected the crew of the TII as prisoners and took them back with him which I have never seen in any other account of the collision. All other accounts make no mention of the TII crew being taken captive.

This extra bit of information in McKee was seized upon by Wolfgang Schneider in his Tigers In Normandy book as a means to discredit Gorman and call him a liar:

Gorman probably hoped that his version of l what happened would be accepted without too much question. Fortunately, we are not limited to assumptions.....................It is also not true that the German crew was taken prisoner immediately afterwards.
Gorman probably intended his story to cover for his own miserable performance

No Tiger II loss to a puny Sherman must go unchallenged!

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Re: Hans von Luck: reliable accounts?

Post by KiwiPanzer » 19 Oct 2019 02:39

Hi all what sort of merc did von luck drive was it a 540k has ay one have any photos of it thank you all

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