Would or did early Stalingrad surrender help?

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Re: Would or did early Stalingrad surrender help?

Post by Art » 22 May 2020 22:36

I've came across this document which looks relevant for the previous discussion.
Chief of the rear directorate of the Don Front
6 January 1839

Copy No.1

To the armies' chiefs of rear
To the chiefs of directorates and departments of the DF [Don Front]
To the chief of rear security
Only to the chief of the staff of the Don Front

According to preliminary calculations receipt of about 2 thousand prisoners per division or 8-10 thousand per field army is expected in the coming operation.
Peculiar feature of evacuation of prisoners of war in this operation is the fact the bulk of them will be Germans belonging to picked German units, and a possibility of hostile actions both during surrender and after evacuation cannot be neglected.

Owing to unpreparedness for evacuation of prisoners (catering, convoying, collection etc) there were large losses of prisoners after their surrender at the SWF [South West Front].
In order to avoid mistakes of the SWF I establish the following procedure of evacuation in addition to my order No. UT/0110 of 15 December 1942:

1. For evacuation of prisoners of war from the battalion-regiment-division echelon battalion, regimental and divisional collection points are to be organized by orders of commanders of these units.

2. The divisional collection point is to be situated near the divisional supply point.
In regiments and battalions their locations are chosen by commanders.

3. Personnel of respective units and formation is to be employed for convoying prisoners in these echelons, a division will need up to ONE HUNDRED men to convoy expected two thousand prisoners.
Convoy of prisoners to army reception points is to be executed by personnel of respective units, and from army reception points further to the rear - by NKVD convoy troops.
All commanders of units and formations are to inform within 24 hours all officers about procedure of collection and evacuation of prisoners of war starting from company, battalion, regiment, and division.

4. Norms of rations for prisoners have been published with the directive No. UT/0845 of 31.12.1942
ONE daily ration of bread and fish for 2 thousand men are to be stockpiled at divisional supply point. When it is not possible, prepare boiling water, or at least, cold water.
This work is entrusted to chiefs of divisional supply points
Within 48 hours stocks of THREE daily rations for 8-10 thousand prisoners are to be created at the army reception points.
Organization of catering and responsibility for issue of rations is entrusted to one of road commandant company commanders of road operating battalions.
He is responsible for opening a catering point at the army reception point by the first day of the operation and also responsible for servicing of prisoners transfer routes.
Rations should be issued for transfer based on march speed of 25 kilometers per day.
5 daily rations are given for evacuation by railroad.

5. When evacuating prisoners by railroad the following should be taken into account:
a) 40-50 men are loaded in a rail car.
b) Procedure of convoying is determined by a special instruction of the command of NKVD convoy troops and convoying is executed by these troops.

6. Entraining points for prisoners of war - ILOVLYA-1, ZAPLAVNOYE

7. Medical service to prisoners of war is provided first of all by captured medical personnel.
By orders of chiefs of medical service of divisions and armies a necessary minimum of resources is assigned for medical aid to prisoners of war.
Sick and wounded who cannot march on foot are be taken to hospitals, registered at the hospital reception points and given medical treatment.

8. Chief of automobile transport directorate of the DF is to develop his proposals regarding employment of reverse truck traffic for evacuation of stragglers and participation of road commandant service.

9. The Front's intendant and the chief of the trophy department are allowed to issue 100-200 sets of uniform (including captured) to each army reception point.

10. Chief of ration supply of the DF is to give his instruction to armies on procedure of ration supply for prisoners of war, additional resources are to be allocated for this purpose.

11. Chiefs of armies' rear are personally responsible for execution of this directive and are to sent experience officers to units for information and control.

12. Acknowledge receipt of the directive by telegraph.

Deputy commander of the DF for rear
lieutenant general Sovetnikov

Chief of staff of the rear directorate of the Don Front
major general Karmanov.

printed in 3 copies
Translated from:

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