Was Hitler and the Wehrmacht anticipating/fearing a Soviet invasion?

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Re: Was Hitler and the Wehrmacht anticipating/fearing a Soviet invasion?

Post by doogal » 21 Jan 2019 20:15

OKH and OKW would have considered the Soviet Union in an operational sense as soon as it occupied Poland. But as an organisation they would have believed that a leaderless Red Army following Stalins purges militated against an early Soviet Invasion especially as the "Pact of Steel" was still applicable from 1939 to 1941. Hitler had available little more information than the GGS and with not much information coming out of Soviet Russia would have held similar views. His decision to attack in itself says that he was unaware of not only Soviet intentions (as a strategic defensive operation Barbarossa cannot be taken seriously)but lacked knowledge of the Soviet economy and the state of its industry. This lack of knowledge of what was happening inside the Soviet Union must also include its military preparations(apart from observable movements) and possible operational deployments. Both the GGS and Hitler would conclude that the Soviet Union could become an offensive threat at some point. But prior to 1941 i think not.

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Re: Was Hitler and the Wehrmacht anticipating/fearing a Soviet invasion?

Post by TheMarcksPlan » 08 Feb 2019 23:18

redcoat wrote:
19 Jan 2019 17:02
Even in 42 oil restrictions were having a major restriction on German military actions, that why they focused solely on the Southern front, they did have the fuel to go on offensive operations with all three army groups.
Even in '41

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Re: Was Hitler and the Wehrmacht anticipating/fearing a Soviet invasion?

Post by mezsat2 » 19 Jun 2019 06:18

[/quote]Even with Soviet imports Greater Germany was suffering an oil deficit, if Germany was going to invade the Soviet Union it needed it to be in 41 before the deficit started having a profound effect on Germanys oil stockpiles

Hitler could have invaded Romania instead of USSR. Romania could give him 8 millions of tons of oil.

But did you notice that, despite this "lack of oil", german forces still fight all over the world till 45 ?
I fear this "lack of oil" is pretty much exagerated indeed.

Why would Hitler invade his ally, Romania? Instead, Stalin's focus should have been Romania. He could
have gathered all his pre-Barbarossa obsolete tanks, aircraft, and millions of men (who were quickly lost, anyway
in June) into a mass phalanx for a suicide mission into Romania to completely destroy the oilfields.

This would have been the only possible scenario where a "pre-emptive" Soviet strike may have yielded
long term results. It's hard to see how Hitler could continue the war for long without Romanian oil. The
looted stocks from his conquests in the west would only last a few weeks.

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