Ost Front Then and Now

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Ost Front Then and Now

Post by WCM2020 » 07 Jul 2020 23:19

I am relatively new to this excellent forum, so my apologies if I am posting this under the wrong heading.

Starting in June of '41 the titanic struggle between German and Russian soldiers on the Eastern Front meant that combat stretched for thousands of miles from big cities to small towns to the endless steppes. In these places along the way millions of men died. And so too, countless civilians. It would seem the horror of war touched every mile, making it all one gigantic battlefield.
So what remains today in terms of cemeteries and individual graves, commemorative markers in notable places or out-of-the-way villages, and even museums far from the biggest cities?
Is there a website(s) that features photographs of then and now?
I have always enjoyed After the Battle magazine but it has never featured much detail of the Ost Front.

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Re: Ost Front Then and Now

Post by headwest » 09 Jul 2020 19:00

i would like to know as well

then and now are awesome and not a lot has been done that I have found on the route of barbarossa, and the campaigns that follwed except for majot places like Stalingrad

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Re: Ost Front Then and Now

Post by steevh » 11 Jul 2020 12:18

I think there is ton of material out there, you just have to do a bit of intelligent googling.

Type in some place names and do an image search.

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