Hess's Flight

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Hess's Flight

Post by rocekthart » 16 Dec 2020 00:10

Please forgive me if this is a repeat question, I did not find it during a search. I recently took some time to think about Rudolf Hess's strange flight to the UK. The official story claims that he was hustled out of high ranking positions in the party. As the war progressed he was worried about a war on two fronts, he decided to fly to Scotland and bring the allied to the negotiation table. He was the arrested and held for the rest of his life in a private prison, dying at an old age, allegedly through suicide. This story is obviously far fetched in my opinion, for the following reasons...

1. Why was he worried about a two front war? Hindsight is 20/20, but 1940 Germany was filled with euphoric optimism. Their methods of war were tested in Poland, and they had signed a pact with the Stalin (who were very docile and trusted the Germans). Civilians may have been nervous of a WW1 repeat, but the elite knew very well that they had the upper hand during this period. There would be very little reason to surrender to the allies during the phoney war.

2. How could a nazi official negotiate peace against Hitler's approval anyways? Was there actually any chance Hess could have influenced diplomatic relations with the allies? Why would he expect Britain to fold now, when they hadn't even invaded France yet (I'll come back to this point).

3. A major mystery in this story is his post war fate. If his intention was to stop the coming world war (as the victors write), why would he be held prisoner for the rest of his life? His intention would have been seen as heroic among the allies! But instead of receiving asylum and being treated with respect, he was imprisoned. Nazi officials that fought to the end, thus responsible for killing waves of allied soldiers, were often released in the 50's. Such officials are Karl Donitz and Albert Speer.

The official story also doesn't mention the fact that Rudolf Hess left May 10th... the day of the invasion of France. He absolutely had knowledge of this event due to his status in the party. I think that the day of a major military operation is one of the worst days to talk about peace...

Obviously the story is another example of the poorly executed propaganda of the post WW2 era (of which there are many, in my opinion at least). Normally I am not as easily puzzled by mysteries such as this, however I think its time to ask people who really know what they are talking about! Is there something I'm missing? Am I wrong about any of the facts mentioned above?

Overall I just want theories, and this is probably the best place to ask this question.
I hope that this falls under the category German Strategy.


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Re: Hess's Flight

Post by Mark in Cleveland, Tn. » 16 Dec 2020 02:37

Suggest you make apot of coffe and go on sites such as YouTube, anda bunch of dedicated www sites on this topic and relax and read and enjoy. I've read accounts of this guy covering any and all aspects of opinions, such as he was wacked out and delusional, he was a drug addict, a spy, and every other reason. As for him spending the rest of is life in Spandau,there are many differing opinions as why. From him not wanting to leave, from the Russians vetoeing any release out of spite, to other reasons. I thik the guy was wacked out ,senile maybe when he did the flight, but thats my opinion, bahahaha was for sure a weird event and post war imprisnoment did seem overly strict, but who knows for sure what really happened

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Re: Hess's Flight

Post by Max Payload » 16 Dec 2020 09:54

rocekthart wrote:
16 Dec 2020 00:10
Please forgive me if this is a repeat question, I did not find it during a search. I recently took some time to think about Rudolf Hess's strange flight to the UK.
A few of the more recent links. The first is the most informative.
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Re: Hess's Flight

Post by nota » 06 Jan 2021 04:11

may 10 1941 for the flight not 40 when the western front began

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