German use of Artillery.

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Re: German use of Artillery.

Post by tigre » 28 Dec 2020 18:57

Hello to all :D; a little Guderian...........

Heavy Artillery Groups!

"Our limited resources in the sphere of motorisation were further squandered owing to various organisational errors committed by other arms of the service. For example, the Chief of the General Army Office, General Fromm, ordered that the 14th (anti-tank) Company of all Infantry Regiments be motorised. When I maintained that these companies, since they would be working with foot soldiers, would do better to remain horse-drawn, he replied 'The infantry's got to have a few cars too.' My request that, instead of the 14th Companies, the Heavy Artillery Battalions be motorised was turned down. The heavy guns remained horse-drawn, with unfortunate results during the war, particularly in Russia.

Source: Panzerleader. Heinz Guderian.

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Re: German use of Artillery.

Post by Art » 01 Jan 2021 19:33

From the report on war experience of the German 46 Infantry Division (16.12.1941):
Question: Is the number of heavy horses provided by the wartime table of organization sufficient for towing batteries?
Answer: In the course of the Eastern Campaign - it wasn't. The light battery needs more than 16 heavy horses. For the heavy field howitzer, considering its weight, 8-10 horses are not sufficient.

Q. General observations.
A.: Based on the experience obtained we believe that motorization of the heavy field howitzer battalion of the infantry division is urgently needed. At least a team of 8-10 horses should be tried. ... e/7/zoom/4

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Re: German use of Artillery.

Post by Erwinn » 06 Jan 2021 06:52

I believe people somewhere in their mind still compares it to German Empire artillery.

IMO German doctrine relied heavily on CAS to act as artillery in early war and when they started to face more and more enemy fighters and lost this perk, they failed to fill the gap with the amount of Artillery guns required.

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Re: German use of Artillery.

Post by ghost1275 » 31 Jan 2021 20:42

Red Army artillery had huge number of tubes but lack in ammo. They were concentrated and spent during the initial phase of offensive breakthrough. Allied artillery had less pieces but ample supply of projectiles, a single gun/howitzer could fire many times of rounds than its German and Soviet counterparts. Allies also had superior spot and fires support coordination.

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