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Post by walkerf5098 » 30 May 2021 20:12

Hi guys.

This may have been answered here before, but I cannot find it.

I cannot find any reference to Schützen being paid anything other than Wehrsold.

I cannot believe that normal soldiers who joined before the war (not called up), only got 30RM a month or so before they made Obergefreiter.

I am fully expecting to be wrong and the evidence to be right.

Can anyone help?

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Piet Duits
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Re: Wehrmachtsbesoldungs

Post by Piet Duits » 28 Oct 2022 18:40


I just found some unit payment reports, and the Wehrsold an Oberschütze, Schütze AND Hilfswillige got was 12,50 RM per 10 days. So, monthly he got 37,50 RM. Was he made Gefreiter or Obergefreiter, he got 45 RM a month.
If he served at the front, he got an additional 30 RM.
I am still learning how it all worked, but let me tell you this: you did not become rich from being a soldier.

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