What did Germany think of Canada

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Post by Nagelfar » 06 Jun 2004 07:32

My guess is that Hitler saw Canada as a British Commonwealth & in close connection to that culture and history, so he wouldn't separate his synopsis of it's people or government much from his opinions about England. So in that case, Hitler's best notions about England probably were held the same for Canada excepting of course without his feelings of respect/threat for the imperial history of England which Canada did not have.

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Georges JEROME
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Post by Georges JEROME » 08 Jun 2004 00:34


we must notice that Canadian forces were involved in Dieppe operation in 1942 which serve of test for Overlord.
They paid an heavy tribute to this pre D Day

They have all my respect



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Post by 1812 » 12 Jun 2004 01:05

Well Canada was a very important ally in WW1. And canadians did play an important role on D-day. They were the only ones to achieve their D-day objective on d-day.

I only remember Hitler mentioning Canada by saying the british government may flee to Canada if he invaded.

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Post by Wilibald » 02 Jul 2004 13:28

Well as far as I know, Nazis had no "specific" official appreciation of Canada, Canadians etc...

It is said that from the reputaition acquired during WWI, the canuck soldiers were known and respected as fierce and highly effective warriors.

I once saw some 1942 German language Newsreels about the aborted Diepe operation where canadian prisoners were shown, walking with their hands up, while the comments said "here are the supposedly canadian giants"... So I assume that propaganda and popular German beliefs had it that canucks were usually tall people, which was rather false when compared to their German equivalent.

Another fact is that Adrien Arcand's movement (mentionned in a previous posting in the actual thread) was definitely NOT funded by Germany. Arcand had steady links with U.S., France and U.K. based fascist celebrities but had no official or even hidden direct link with Hitler's Germany. I am sure though he wished he would :) lol

The "Grou" quoted in the same previous posting was in fact GROULX (Lionel) and was an influential French-canadian catholic clergyman in the first half of the 20th century. He was NOT linked to Arcand's National Social Christian Party. He is considered a fascist by todays writers on the basis of his corparatist ideas and his suspicion toward Jews. It is unaccurate to list him as a Nazi sympathizer though, since 80% of the entire Catholic clergy (in thoses days) shared his views on those matters (corporatism is considered to be the catholic social doctrine). So I suppose that he does NOT qualify for any supposed or real link with our main topic, unless we agree that the Pope and most the "traditionalist" catholics did (and that is another debate).

Hope it helps


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Post by Wilibald » 02 Jul 2004 13:29

A curiosity - the 1934-38 logo for Adrien Arcand's Party:

Canadian beaver, Maple Leafs..and.. THE SWASTIKA 8O

The motto is "Serviam" Latin for "I serve". As a fervent (well, let's say EXTREME) catholic, Arcand chose the motto "Serviam" as an opposite to the reported "Lucifer's NON SERVIAM" (well... don't look for that quote in the Bible mates... lllooolll)

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Post by Parisien » 07 Jul 2004 13:50

For info --Canada-- is not cited even once in --Mein Kampf--

Adolf Hitler did not destroy the Canadian War Memorial at Wimy, neither did he destroy the Monument aux Morts Israelites (near Verdun) . He simply had it covered with plaster.

Arabs are not listed either only one passing reference to "Mohammedan Faith".

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Post by KraniX » 07 Jul 2004 17:16

ToddGreer wrote:I agree. Some countries are just downright irrelevant. Like, what did Hitler think of Afgahnistan? I don't recall him ever talking about that. Or Iraq. Or a lot of other countries for that matter.
Rashid Ali, who became the PM in Iraq was working with the Germans. He even appealed directly to Hitler for armed support against the British.

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Re: What did Germany think of Canada

Post by Marcus » 24 May 2014 11:57

Two posts discussing Canada's Role in WWII was split off into a new thread at http://forum.axishistory.com/viewtopic. ... 4&t=208019


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Re: What did Germany think of Canada

Post by thomasxf » 08 Feb 2017 06:23

Hitler believed that at some point in the future, the United States would annex Canada. In his recorded table talk on the evening of September 1st, 1942, Hitler commented that “The Americans will certainly take Canada, and they may well have other demands which Britain will not tolerate . . .” Otherwise, Hitler regarded Canada mainly as a distant extension of Great Britain.

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