Czechs in the Wehrmacht

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maxxx wrote:
Helmut Von Moltke wrote:In Saving Private Ryan when the Americans execute Wehrmacht prisoners on the beach one of the prisoners seemed like a Czech, so there were at least a few Czechs in the Wehrmacht.
A Hollywood epic is not really a good source for historic research, is it?

I am from Czech republik specially from "Těšín princedom". In our family was 7 wehrmacht soldiers, 1 ss and 1 "vladař". Every my friends have wehrmacht soldier grandfathers. Těšín was connect with Germany after Poland war. Every Czech must take german nationality. It was violent germanitization. In TV was document about 2000 czech wehrmacht deserters from Těšín, which joind polisch underground army.

My granfather served short time in France. His commander was Czech from Austria.

In wehrmacht served every his school friens, czechs from Hlučín,Kravarře, sudetenland and czechs from Austria(before warII lived in austria about 1,2 milion czechs). But nobody had czech nationality.

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Only known really Czech unit in Wehrmacht was so called Legion (or Company) of Saint Wenceslaus created im March 1945 from young boys from all of the territory of Bohemia and Moravia which were members of pro-fascist organizations. This unit have strength 5 German NCOs and 76 soldiers, according post-war interrogation. Unit didn´t participated in any fight and was disarmed by Czechs partisans in training area in Nižbor nearby Prague on May 7 1945.

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Hallo, I made-up two little stories (in Czech only) abouth two ex-czechoslovakian citizen, served in Wehrmacht during WWII. If you have any comments according to fotos, make a notice. Thanks. :)

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Re: Czechs in the Wehrmacht

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I found this in internet.
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Glynwed wrote:
17 Jan 2005 10:04
[...] Nobody without Volkliste (with Czech nationality) serwed in Wehrmacht or SS units. Some Czechs served as confident for SD, Gestapo or Polizei organizations, [...]
That´s downplaying the involvement of Czechs in the Holocaust. Wasn´t it the Czech rural police which did guard the perimeters of the Theresienstadt - ghetto?

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