Enlighten me....

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Otto Krienert
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Enlighten me....

Post by Otto Krienert » 13 Sep 2002 01:13

Hello, First off, i know this has been asked before in this forum, but i dont know where to look. So i hope that i can get SOME help...from someone. I am young...and probably dont know alot, and I want to get some data strait about...germany in WWII. Ok, There was the Wermacht. The were the sort of "peoples" army correct? Not the caretakers of the Holocaust right? And into that, The SS. The divisions of that were the Waffen SS, Alleminge -sp- SS, and...the "death heads" ??? I really need some help in this entire department. So, if you know anything that can help, let me know...and please...PLEASE! correct me as needed. I really need an indepth veiw on this entire subject. Thanks so much!!!!

Otto!! :mrgreen:

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Daniel L
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Post by Daniel L » 13 Sep 2002 01:53

Hi Otto. i think you will discover the answers to your questions the more time you spend on the internet, there are many good site.

The Wehrmacht composed of airforce (luftwaffe), navy (marine) and army (heer). The peoples army you are asking about was the volksturm which was composed of old men, young boys and others who previously didn't comply to the demands that the wehrmacht had for soldiers. The volksturm falls into the organisation of the Heer which had some volksturm divisions.

To explain the SS is more complicated so I suggest that you firstly look at third reich factbook and from there use links to go further.

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German soldiers

Post by Nagelfar » 13 Sep 2002 02:09

the wehrmacht was the "armed forced" and included all branches of the military, except the armed SS for that was more associated with the police. the SS was the 'policing force' but seperate to, and above, the "police" proper.

the 'deaths heads' were the concentration camp guards under theodore eicke. but also had an armed SS division which saw action, and had little to nothing to do with the holocaust.

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Post by Durand » 13 Sep 2002 02:15

Hallo O.K.,

You may also want to check out the titles listed below. They will give you an excellent overview.

The Order of the Death's Head by Heinz Höhne;

Waffen-SS: Hitler's Elite Guard at War, 1939-1945 by George H. Stein.


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