Feld Gendarmerie

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Mark Townsend
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Feld Gendarmerie

Post by Mark Townsend » 30 Sep 2002 23:11

I recently saw a scene from Steven Ambrose's excellent T.V. series 'Band of Brothers' were a member of the 501st. was standing guard duty on a road with a member of the Feldgendarmerie. Did the German Police retain their powers even after the German surrender?

Karl da Kraut
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Post by Karl da Kraut » 01 Oct 2002 00:02

The Feldgendarmerie was the German military police. I assume that it was treated like any other part of the armed forces after the surrender.

The German civilian police force was disbanded by the Allies. Pretty quickly a new German police force was established (under Allied control). Initially these cops were neither allowed to bear fire-arms nor uniforms.

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Post by Starinov » 01 Oct 2002 13:16

Actually the last German units of the Wehrmacht that ceased to exist were the Feldgendarmerie and the Feldjagerkorps. After May 8th 1945, those units still kept their weapons and were used by the western allies to stand guard in POW camps. They were considered to be the most appropriate units for that task. In mid-1946, those units were disbanded since the last POW camps ceased to exist.

Those two units were wearing the standard Wehrmacht uniform except for the eagle with the svastika on the right breast which has been removed. I mean, the eagle.

The only excêption was the SS-Feldgendarmerie: they were not kept for that tasks for obvious reasons.

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Post by Marcus » 02 Oct 2002 17:18

You might want to check out "Chain Dogs" (2 volumes) by Robert E. Witter for more info on the military police.


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Post by Panzermahn » 05 Oct 2002 09:30

Come to the subject of German Military and Security Police in WW2..

To my knowledge,

In Heer has the Feldgendarmerie, the Luftwaffe has their LuftFeldgendarmerie and the Kriegsmarine has their Marinefeldgendarmerie...Not to mention about the Waffen SS who had their SS-Feldgendarmerie..How about the Heer and Waffen SS Reiter units? Do they had their own military police?

Besides, does anyone knew any good books for German Military and Security Police 1933-1945?

Any books covering the subject of

SIPO (sicherheistpolizei)
KRIPO (kriminalpolizei)
Gestapo (Geheime Staats Polizei)
German Railway Security Police (is there such unit?)
German motorized military and security police...
Ordinary police
German Seaport and Naval Base security police..

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