Kettenhunde 'chained dogs'

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Kettenhunde 'chained dogs'

Post by coldam » 27 Oct 2002 04:15

That's what the field gendarmes were called,
because of their brassard(right word?)
worn on a chain around the neck.

Especially towards the end
they held flying court martials
pronounced death sentences and
executed immediately,
usually for :
'cowardice in the face of the enemy'
usually by hanging, with a sign around the
neck, detailing the offence.
To 'discourage' others...

I started to work as a steelworker's apprentice in 1953
(at age 14 - quite normal then)
Amost all of my older co-workers were WW2 veterans.

I heard lots of accounts and stories.

A KC holder
without the right orders
was strung up
by the chained dogs
on a lantern pole in Berlin
in April 1945 - any idea who it was?

How many soldiers were executed on the spot
by the
Field Gendarmes?
According to what I heard:



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Post by Germania » 27 Oct 2002 15:35

I have an interesting article here called "Die Feldjägerkommandos der Wehrmacht und ihr Einsatz für die Manneszucht" in this article they say the number of execution trough flying courts between 10000-13500 and 30000-50000 an very unexact number but hard to make more exact ones!
Trough the new laws like Kriegssonderstrafrechtsverordnung and "Erlaß über die Gerichtsbarkeit bei feldjäger-Kommandos" they have a lot of power! The commandos of chaindogs work again for US army and the last was commando ended 23/06/45!

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