Sigrid von Laffert / von Welckzeck

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Sigrid von Laffert / von Welckzeck

Post by DavidFrankenberg » 25 Sep 2017 12:12


Sigrid ("Sigi") von Laffert was a very beautiful and young woman, she was said to be the most beautiful girl in the Reich. She was seen several times publicly accompanying Adolf Hitler. She was from a noble family.
You can find many photos of this aryan beauty. And the most amazing thing is that she is still alive today aged of almost 100 years ! :thumbsup: ... on_Laffert

Despite she is still alive and played an active (though little) role in Hitler's propaganda, we dont have many informations about her. Was she really involved in Hitlers' relationship as gossips said, or did she just play a role for the leader ? Eva Braun never suspected her to be a rival instead of Unity Mitford.

Some words in spanish about her Pere Bonnín, Eva Braun y Adolf Hitler p.55 (1999)
Aged of 17, she was introduced to Hitler through her cousin Viktoria von Dirksen. Hitler saw her the first time at Heilligendamm (the beach to be at summertime) where he was resting in Putzi (Hanfstangl) 's house. Hitler invited her in Berlin' society parties where she was particularly noticed by the diplomats : the italian ambassador, Dino Alfieri, was amazed by her long legs, blond hair, nice bust and "the smallest mouth in the world". Ciano calls her "von Lappus" and talks about her "magnificient body". After the war she said she was not interested in Hitler, despite, it is said, that he offered her to marry him.

She married Johannes von Welckzeck (the son of the german ambassador in Paris) in 1940 (Eberle Uhl, The Hitler book). So she is also called Sigrid von Welckzeck.
Feel free to share everything you have on her. I wish her a good health.

She is in the middle of the photo there (from Marie Vassiltchikov, Berlin diaries) : surrounded by Marie Vassiltchikov and Antoinette von Croy

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Re: Sigrid von Laffert / von Welckzeck

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Sigrid von Laffert had turn 100 years of age on January 18,2018! Wikipedia doesn't tell much about her.

Edward L. Hsiao

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