1945 Lost German girl

Discussions on the role played by and situation of women in the Third Reich not covered in the other sections. Hosted by Vikki.
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Re: 1945 Lost German girl

Postby Jammy » 08 May 2018 18:45

73 years later to the day....Thank you Brittstephen for your latest post. Very poignant! I hope you enjoyed your visit. An honorable pilgrimage to 42 seconds frozen in time which still, somehow, captivates many of us posting on this forum.
I wonder how the celebrations mentioned by longball went? Almost certainly the only remaining opportunity to find anyone connected with the LGG.
For me this is not a search for one young lady who is almost certainly no longer with us. Just a reminder of, and a memorial to, people who suffer during conflict. Then, now and in the future.

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Re: 1945 Lost German girl

Postby Brittstephan » 08 May 2018 21:57

I agree with the other people that her name and if she was german or not stays in the dark.but just the image and the 42second that inspired me to travel all the way to CZ....fore me its not about to proof its lore or lara bauer for me its was the issue to see the road with my own eyes.i hope offcourse we found more info.sow again thank you all fore the info so far!greetings stephan and britt

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Re: 1945 Lost German girl

Postby ignacioosacar » 09 May 2018 03:21

Dear certik66 and Forum,

Could you advise us about laws and regulations in the Czech Republic regarding cenothaps in public places. I believe that LGG represents all unknown women who served and suffered during the WWII and have not yet been remembered. Maybe it could be a very small stone with an inscription on it. I have seen thousands of those called "stumbling stones" in Germany. A few years ago, mikaela, a Czech artist and forumember, made an art presentation in Dresden (?) focused on the LGG story. Her non virtual initiative was quite inspiring. I believe that LGG has concentrated sufficient attention and simphaties from many through this las 10 years.

Cheers all!

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Re: 1945 Lost German girl

Postby David Thompson » 11 May 2018 13:47

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