Eva Braun's Home Movies

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Eva Braun's Home Movies

Post by stint » 07 Jun 2006 00:39

Could anyone here act as kind of a movie critic for this 3 volume set .
Personally, I would be interested in knowing how much of her films show life at the Berghof and with Hitler rather than her own personal family.
The description is very vague, and does not even include how long each film runs.
If anyone has seen them and could comment, I would be most appreciative.
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Geoff Walden
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Post by Geoff Walden » 08 Jun 2006 10:06

There are several versions of these movies on the market - all were either copied at the US National Archives, or copied from copies. Some of the sets do not contain the entire 5 hours-plus of films (there is even one sequence now in this set that was not originally EB's).

Here is a link to a guide that I wrote to EB's movies - http://www.thirdreichruins.com/eva_movies.htm . You can see from this that the original reels are all jumbled up in the set in the NARA, and this is how every copy that I have seen was made (I've never seen a copy where someone tried to put these back into a logical order). The movies do contain a lot that was shot at the Berghof and on the Obersalzberg, but also a LOT of family/friends footage, shot in Munich, at various lakes, vacation trips, etc. There is a lot of this footage that is not usually shown in TV documentaries.

Geoff Walden

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Post by Eva » 03 Jul 2006 05:56

Hey- I have the full set. It's actually not in any logical order, and it's really long and has no sound. BUT, I must say that it was fascinating to see the normal life that was going on while the world was all askew. There are a lot of children and puppies and women in baithing suits- not your usual 'H' Channel fare. I particularly liked the part where an LSSAH officer takes off after an escaping toddler, the film of puppies running around Eva's room at the Berghof, and the 3+ minutes of film of a bird making a bird bath out of the bathroom sink. It's fascinating, but it's very little about AH. So if you're looking for film of der Chef, then it's not worth the $$.


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