Pauline Kohler- I was hitlers maid

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Pauline Kohler- I was hitlers maid

Post by gersdorff » 18 Sep 2006 18:15

Just read this book.
does anyone have info on her - what happened to her after the publication of the book?
Do historians regard her as reliable?
Is she a primary source of what we know about renate mueller?
Is there any corroberation of the unsavoury flogging stuff she goes on about at the berghof???is it fantasy ?
Thanks in advance

Ajax Pickering
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Post by Ajax Pickering » 19 Sep 2006 01:03

This is from a book dealer's listing:
this is a piece of imaginative fiction about salacioius conduct by high Nazis. It was an invention of Ronald Collier. Even the face on the frontispiece was a fake.
So the flogging at the Berghof is probably just fantasy.

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