Reminder: Post Your Sources

Discussions on the role played by and situation of women in the Third Reich not covered in the other sections. Hosted by Vikki.
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Reminder: Post Your Sources

Post by Vikki » 01 Dec 2006 08:43

Because of the "contested" nature of some information presented currently and in the past about Women in the Third Reich, it's important that members post responsibly here. The Guidelines and Instructions of the Axis History Forum state:
* No insults are tolerated (that includes serious national and
religious insults)
* No Holocaust denial is tolerated (note that this also applies to
events such as the mass murders of Armenians during WWI and the
interwar famine in the Ukraine)
* No racism is tolerated
* No glorifying of nazism/fascism or those dictatorships is tolerated
* Keep the message on topic
* When quoting from a book or site, please provide info on the source
(and a link if it is a website)

* Using your real name as username, or at least signing your posts with your real first name is appreciated
* Enter at least your real continent as location in your profile
* Posting in the forum using more than one account is not tolerated
* Using anonymous proxies to access the forum is not tolerated ... topic&f=77

Citing of sources of information is not only a basic "given" of sound research, but a sign of respect--and legally required recognition--of the intellectual work of the author of your information. And it is required here, as in other research sections of the Forum.

Photographs are information, just as text is, and also require the posting of a source, whether from your own collection or otherwise.

One of the most valuable things that this section can achieve, at its best, and through the time, effort, and research of the posters who contribute to it, is to cut through the sensationalism and disinformation surrounding German women of the period. And that is most effectively done through the posting of the best documented information available, rather than opinion or guess. As someone has already said, more directly than I can restate it:
...undocumented claims undercut the research purposes of this section of the forum. Consequently, it is required that proof be posted along with a claim. The main reason is that proof, evidence, facts, etc. improve the quality of discussions and information. A second reason is that inflammatory, groundless threads attack, and do not promote, the scholarly purpose of this section of the forum.

Also, from the same thread, posters who'd like to have their research and thoughts taken seriously should consider this, on how an unsourced post is viewed by serious readers:
If a poster raises a question about the events, other posters may answer the question with evidence. If a poster stops asking questions and begins to express a point of view, he then becomes an advocate for that viewpoint. When a person becomes an advocate, he has the burden of providing evidence for his point of view. If he has no evidence, or doesn't provide it when asked, it is reasonable for the reader to conclude that his opinion or viewpoint is uninformed and may fairly be discounted or rejected.
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Post by Vikki » 07 Dec 2006 06:44

This sticky was meant as a reminder of the Forum rule on sources as it applies to this section. For clarity, subsequent posts have been given a thread of their own, so that posters can continue discussion of the subject, as well as very interesting but not directly related topics that have already arisen in the thread:

David Thompson
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Post by David Thompson » 10 Dec 2006 03:21

The forum was created for the purpose of providing our readers with sourced information and informed discussion on historical issues. Most of our readers understand, appreciate and value the opportunity to find more information, which is why the forum has a large membership and many more visitors.

A small minority of posters have, from time to time, tried to use the large AHF audience to advance their various political points of view, personal notions, and/or an exaggerated sense of self-esteem. To discourage this, the forum administrators adopted a set of rules. These rules forbid provocative or disruptive behavior and require the use of sourced information in forum discussions. As a general proposition, sourced information is always preferable to a poster's unsourced notions, suppositions, oracular pronouncements or fantasies. This is the purpose underlying the sourcing rule, which applies in all research areas of the forum.

Posters who offend against these rules are typically warned, although in extreme cases they may be banished outright. After a warning or several warnings, in the sound discretion of the moderator, further missives from that poster which do not conform to the rules or advance the forum purposes are routinely deleted. Since our readers understand and appreciate the concept of assuring quality posts, the sourcing rule has been well-received, and only a very few posters have objected to providing sources when asked. For most posters, sourcing is part of being taken seriously in a discussion, so it's done as a matter of course.

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