Women of the Third Reich: Karolina Rascher

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Women of the Third Reich: Karolina Rascher

Post by rasputin » 25 Dec 2006 02:16

Search for pictures of Karolina Rascher.

I placed this search in SS-Propaganda and got a good numbers of views but no replies.
With this knowledgeable forum, I find this rather astonishing, since Dr. Sigmund Rascher and his wife Karolina(Nini) were very infamos personalities at the KZ-Dachau from 1939-1945.
So,I am seeking advise, how and where to obtain pictures of Dr. Sigmund Rascher, his wife and their family. A family portrait was suposed to have been used as a cover on an SS-Schulungsbuch or Heft bei SS-Reichsfuehrer H.Himmler in around 1941-1945.

Can anyone help?


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Sewer King
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Post by Sewer King » 06 Jun 2007 05:05

Is it possible that there are no surviving photos of Nini Rascher at all?

The following is from a 20-page essay about Sigmund Rascher in Dachau Review: History of Nazi Concentration Camps Studies, Reports, Documents -- Volume 2, 1990, edited by Wolfgang Benz and Barbara Distel (Dachau: Verlag Dachauer Hefte, published for the Comte International de Dachau, Brussels).

from "Sigmund Rascher, M.D. -- a Career," written by Wolfgang Benz (page 34):

"...In any case, what is established is that Himmler had ... open hands for the [Rascher couple]. For instance, after the couple's second illegitimate child, he organized monthly transfers of RM 165, equivalent to the widow's pension of Nini Diehl, which had been the reason why they had not been married. At regular intervals, the Reichsführer-SS had sent the Raschers parcels with all sorts of affectionate gifts, especially fruit, chocolate, and other rarities for the growing throng of children. Mrs. Rascher reciprocated with frequent letters in which, however, she did not only report on the growth of her family, she a;ways included requests and wishes to promote her husband's career. She also regularly delighted Himmler with photos of the children (he was so taken with a group photo of the three boys, born in 1939, 1941, and 1942, that he passed it on to the responsible authorities with the suggestion that it be printed in one of the SS-Leithefte designed for training purposes)6. But the business-minded Mrs. Rascher was active herself -- as emerges in correspondence with Himmler and his Office of the Personal Staff Reichsführer-SS ..."

The footnote for the reference to family photos is given as Brandt to Nini Rascher, 27.7. 1943, copy in the Archive of the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site. An earlier reference is footnoted as Personal File, Sigmund Rascher, in the Berlin Document Center (copy in the Institute for Contemporary History).


Here at least is one photo of Rascher with one of his sons, if you have not already seen it. He is in Luftwaffe uniform, likely with his Reserve rank of Assistenarzt (Medical Second Lieutenant).

Conceivably, this could have been one of the photos sent to Himmler, although it would seem preferable for Rascher's Allgemeine-SS membership to be played up in an SS publication.

It might be worth inquiring after photos of the Raschers at the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site itself, which reports 5,000 photos on its subject.

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Post by Helly Angel » 25 Jun 2007 01:15

Karoline Rascher (Clise of the Kripo):


Karoline in 1935:


Images from Insdtitute for History from Munich.

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