Female Concentration Camp Guards

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Annie Maccabee
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Post by Annie Maccabee » 11 May 2007 01:19

I wasn't able to find out anything about Himmler's adopted son, so can anyone tell me anything about the female concentration guards.....I would also be interested in hearing about any family members, still alive, of the Goebbels family.

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Post by Vikki » 11 May 2007 05:00

Annie Maccabee:

As a rule, the "Search" function here works very well, and you can usually find information on a subject by using it. That's preferable to asking a general question that may have been asked, and answered, many times before. The more specific the question you ask, after having done some research with the search engine, the more precise the information you're likely to get.

Also, posting a question in the appropriate section will usually get you the best answers. So I'd suggest, after searching to see what information you can find, that if you still have questions about Goebbels' family, you post them in the "SS and Polizei" or "NSDAP, Other Party Organizations and Government" section, rather than in the "Women in the Reich" section.

As for your question on female concentration camp guards: Here are a few topics on the more general aspects of the subject and on Irma Grese herself, found simply by searching "Irma Grese" and "Aufseherin":

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Dorothea Binz (Head Wardress, KL Ravensbrück)

Aufseherin from KZ Flossenburg

Book Review: The Camp Women

Irma Grese: The Evidence for the Prosecution

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Irma Grese

Hope this helps,

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