SS Hilferinnen in Auschwitz

Discussions on the role played by and situation of women in the Third Reich not covered in the other sections. Hosted by Vikki.
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SS Hilferinnen in Auschwitz

Post by lebel » 19 Sep 2007 22:38

From the album of SS Karl Hôcker (adjudant to the commandant in Auschwitz) ... auschwitz/

Among those pics : a cheerful group of Female SS auxiliaries

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Post by snowden » 20 Sep 2007 00:52

Just saw these while reading the newspaper, interesting to have all these pre-liberation pictures after all this time! I have a bunch of liberation pictures my grandfather took at Buchenwald, I should look through them again and see if there was anything earlier, he has a lot of German wartime documents, etc., some from other concentration camps.

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Post by uhu » 20 Sep 2007 02:06

very nice, here's yet another album that's turned up on the net. Make sure the sound is off when you view it, and then, if you want an exercise in propaganda, play it with sound. ... index.html#

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Post by Vikki » 21 Sep 2007 03:00

Monsieur lebel,

The photos of the SS-Helferinnen are great, I hadn't seen them before. Thanks very much for the link!

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