Hauptabteilungsleiterin Else Vorwerck, Reichsfrauenführung

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Hauptabteilungsleiterin Else Vorwerck, Reichsfrauenführung

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another CV from the Reichsfrauenführung compiled from Sawahn (2009, pp.540-549; 679):

Dr. Martha Else Vorwerck, nee Bistrick
Else Vorwerck.jpg
Source: Sawahn, 2009, p.542

born Nov. 8th, 1899 in Königsberg (East Prussia)

father: Walter Bistrick, master clock maker
mother: Martha Bistrick, nee Schwartz

Else was the oldest of six children, two of which died early. Her father owned a clock store in Königsberg that quickly developed into one the largest shops for clocks, jewlery and silverware in all of Germany.
See http://www.juwelier-bistrick.de/17808.h ... ion*id*val*

April 1919: Else Bistrick starts studying economics at the Albertus University in Königsberg, later changing to the university in Freiburg im Breisgau.

March 1922: Else obtains her doctorate at the faculty of political sciences and law of Breslau university.

June 1922: Marriage with Major (ret.) Dr. Karl Vorwerck (1878 - 1971), a fellow student. After finishing university the couple lives in Dresden where Karl Vorwerck works for the Association of Saxon Industrialists. Else remains a housewife but writes occasionally articles for a nationalist journal 'Die deutsche Frau'.
According to a 1933 summary of her life she also was scientific co-worker in serval works on economics her husband published during the times of the Weimar Republic.

1923: Birth of a daughter

1924: Birth of another daughter

1927: Dr. Karl Vorwerck is appointed to counselor (Regierungsrat) in the Reich Ministry of Labour. The family moves to Berlin.

1930: Birth of a son.

May 1st, 1933: Dr. Else Vorwerck joins NS-Frauenschaft (Membership No. 210214).

May 1933: The Reich Association of German Housewives Clubs (Reichsverband Deutscher Hausfrauenverein, RDH) led by Maria Jecker joins Deutscher Frauenorden.

October 1933: Reich Association of German Housewives Clubs (RDH) joins Deutsches Frauenwerk.

April 1934: Reich Association of German Housewives Clubs (Reichsverband Deutscher Hausfrauenvereine, RDH) led by Maria Jecker, and Reich Union of German Housewives (Reichsvereinigung Deutscher Hausfrauen), led by Martha Voß-Zietz amalgamate to Reich Society of German Housewives (Reichsgemeinschaft Deutscher Hausfrauen, RDH). Vorwerck is a member in the new RDH.

July 1934: Else Vorwerck is appointed Hauptabteilungsleiterin in the Reichsfrauenführung. She runs department VII 'Economics - House keeping'.

September 1935: Reich conference of RDH votes to disband RDH so its members can join Deutsches Frauenwerk. Else Vorwerck is one of the delgates of said conference speaking in favour of disbanding RDH.

1936: Karl Vorwerck joins NSDAP (Membership No. 3.759.433).

May 1st, 1937: Dr. Else Vorwerck joins NSDAP (Membership No. 4.364.396).

1937: She's an official visitor of the World Exhibition in Paris.

1939: Vorwerck attends the International Conference on House Keeping Education in Copenhagen.

1941-1944: Dr. Karl Vorwerck is reactivated by the Wehrmacht, finally rising to Colonel.

1942: Visit to Helsinki where Vorwerck participates in the annual conference of the Finnish housewives union.

Jan 30th, 1943: Else Vorwerck receives Golden Party Badge.

1943: Travel to Stockholm where Vorwerck visits house keeping schools and teaching kitchens.

July 1944: Else's uncle Walther Schwartz, municipial construction counsellor of Königsberg is arrested due to his acquaintance with Carl Goerdeler, one of the plotters against Hitler. He's sentenced to 5 years prison in August 1944.

December 1944: Else's brother Arnold Bistrick, owner of the Bistrick clock store in Königsberg is also arrested and spends the time till May 1945 in police custody in Berlin where he's liberated by Soviet forces.

Vorwerck works behind the scenes in both cases to ensure relatively good treatment and mild sentences.

1945: The Vorwerck couple flees from Berlin with their son and turns to Rotenburg/Wümme (then Rotenburg/Hannnover), the home town of the Vorwerck family.

1946/47: Denazification trial of Dr. Karl Vorwerck, he's 'Category V' (innocent).

1947/1948: Dr. Else Vorwerck compiles a lenghty memorandum about her work 1934 - 1945.

Feb. - June 1949: Denazification trial for Else Vorwerck. After some discussions with the head of the tribunal she's classed 'Group V' too.

1951/52: Emigration of both her daughters.

1952: The Vorwerck couple resettles to Berlin again. After WWII Dr. Else Vorwerck doesn't resume her professional career. She's a volunteer worker for an association arranging free countryside holidays for needy Berlin children in Lower Saxony and for another association supporting political prisoners in East Germany.

1971: Karl Vorwerck dies.

1975: Else Vorwerck moves from Berlin to Brunswick.

Jan 18th, 1982: Dr. Else Vorwerck dies in Brunswick.


Sawahn, Anke
Die Frauenlobby vom Lande.
Die Landfrauenbewegung in Deutschland und ihre Funktionärinnen 1898 bis 1948.
DLB Verlag; Frankfurt am Main; 2009

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Re: Hauptabteilungsleiterin Else Vorwerck, Reichsfrauenführu

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Else Vorwerck with her assistant Dr. Krause.

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Re: Hauptabteilungsleiterin Else Vorwerck, Reichsfrauenführung

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Dr. Else Vorwerck.

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