Alois Hitler, Jr Foster Daughter

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Re: Alois Hitler, Jr Foster Daughter

Post by Wordsworth » 13 Sep 2018 13:45

Wow, thanks for the information, everyone. I am not adept at records searching so this information is great. The documentary I saw had no explanation for who she was or what the story was behind her. I never found her mentioned in any other work. This thread has come alive in the last few weeks. I really appreciate the assistance.

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Re: Alois Hitler, Jr Foster Daughter

Post by CHaufe » 19 Jan 2020 21:35

I haven't made any headway on finding the foster daughter, but I'm starting to think that Hans Hitler may actually be an illegitimate son of Alois Hitler Jr. as claimed by Erna Mach's grandson. It fits the timeframe of when Alois was in Vienna, and it was rumoured that he father one (or more) children during this time. And it answers the question as to why Hans and Erna would live with Alois and Hedwig for such a long time after the war, and even be buried in the same grave.

Another curiosity is that Erna's first husband Ludwig married Hans' half-sister Irma. What a tangled web. Ludwig and Irma had four daughters born in 1939 and onward. So it's likely at least one of them is still alive.

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