Elfriede Dinger wife of Ernst Gennat

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Elfriede Dinger wife of Ernst Gennat

Post by Dor Tenzing » 20 Jul 2017 15:49

Hi, I'm trying to get some information one Elfriede Dinger.
The only thing I've found so far is a brief, very brief line in Ernst Gennat's wiki page; "...He married criminal inspector Elfriede Dinger shortly before his death on August 20, 1939..."

I was surprised to find that there would be a woman holding the title criminal Inspector in the Alex in the mid to late 1930s.
Is it naive of me to think that more women had greater roles in the establishment at the Alex than most history books would seem to show?

I was hoping someone may be able to point me in the right direction. Also, I neither speak nor read German so English translations would be really rather helpful for me.

Thanks in advance, and sorry if this is the wrong thread to put this on.


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Re: Elfriede Dinger wife of Ernst Gennat

Post by Peter » 16 Sep 2017 16:42

There were several in the Weibliche Kripo mainly dealing with crimes involving women and children. I don't think you are going to find much in English. Try web searches for Friedrike Wieking and Josephine Erkens, that should take you in the right direction.

"The Berlin Police Force in the Weimar Republic" by Hsi-Huey Liang is a useful but limited source.

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Re: Elfriede Dinger wife of Ernst Gennat

Post by Peter » 20 Sep 2017 09:51

An interesting Krim.Ob.Sekretärin and contemporary of Elfriede Dinger was Elisabeth Clara Victorie Emma Rothschuh (5 Mar 1893-1987) of the Berlin Kripo who served pre-war, during the war and afterwards.

Elisabeth Rothschuh was born 5 March 1893 in Berlin the daughter of Elsbeth Rothschuh and Friedrich (Fritz) Rothschuh (1858-1921), engineer and government architect. Her father was involved in building the Baghdad railway, his family were with him and she lived in Konia/Turkey and in New York, where she attended German, French and English-speaking schools with her sisters.

After a Samaritan course at the Lette-Haus in 1914, she supervised children who were sent to Denmark and Sweden under authority of the Red Cross during and after the 1914/18 war. In 1924/25 she attended the 15th Exam course of the Social Women's School of the Inner Mission and trained as a welfare administrator in youth welfare. She gained work experience during an internship in Schönefeld in 1925 and in a temporary position in the administrative district of Steglitz in 1926. In July 1926, she joined the Berlin police as one of the first female civil servants.

In the Weibliche Kripo, headed by Friederike Wieking (1891-1958), welfare education was the basis for her work with "at risk" women and children. Working in the WKP she also met fellow officer and lifelong friend Clara Reichelt. Rothschuh was an active trade unionist and a member of the Association of Protestant Welfare Officers of Germany, which first met in December 1928, she became deputy president.

Rothschuh organized the meeting of the Female Police Department of the German Association of Social Workers, the Association of Catholic Social Socialists, and the Association of German Protestant Welfare Officers on 9/10 May 1931 in Berlin-Charlottenburg. She was committed to the creation of a unit for police officers in close connection with the aims of the first women's movements and she was not a supporter of the Socialists or the NSDAP.

After completing her probationary period in 1932, she passed the examination for promotion to Kriminal Kommissar but despite her years of service she remained as Krim.Sekretärin although I believe she was promoted Krim.Ob.Sekretärin in 1941. Her promotion to Krim.Kom. possibly happened in 1943. She did not join the NSDAP.

I have no proof but believe that in 1944 Rothschuh gave early warning to Hildegard Radusch (Socialist/Feminist activist) and her group that they were about to be arrested, the group were able to hide until the end of the war and survived.

After dismissal in 1945, she worked for the Inner Mission Berlin in the Friedrichshain district and later in Tempelhof. She continued to work intensively for reinstatement in the police which she achieved in 1952/53 just in time to retire in 1953 aged 60. After retirement she lived in Berlin-Schoeneberg Salzburgerstr.11 and on 23 July 1962 she flew from Frankfurt to New York for a holiday. She assisted researchers until 1979 any maybe later,

Sources concerning Rothschuh are : Ursula Nienhaus: "Nicht für eine Führungsposition geeignet. Josefine Erkens und die Anfänge weiblicher Polizei in Deutschland 1923 -1933" Münster (Westfälisches Dampfboot), 1999. "Himmlers willige Komplizinnen. Weibliche Polizei im Nationalsozialismus 1937-1945", in: Grüttner/ Hachtmann/ Haupt (Hrsg.): Geschichte und Emanzipation. Festschrift für Reinhard Rürup. Frankfurt 1999, S. 458-481.

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Re: Elfriede Dinger wife of Ernst Gennat

Post by Peter » 20 Sep 2017 11:06

A photo of Erkens is attached here (source European Network of Policewomen)
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Re: Elfriede Dinger wife of Ernst Gennat

Post by Puck » 20 Sep 2017 12:13

Rothschuh's promotion is mentioned twice in SD-Befehlsblatt
30.08.1941 KK z.Pr.
26.06.1942 KK

And there are some more ;)

Albrecht, ? - Kriminalrätin 08.02.1942 - München
Bock von Wülflingen, ? - Kriminalkommissarin 23.05.1942 - Dresden
Brauneck, Anne-Eva - Kriminalrätin 1944.06.10 - Berlin, RHSA V related to KZ Uckermark
Dous, ? - Kriminalkommissarin 26.06.1943 - Dresden
Fligg, ? - Kriminalkommissarin 26.06.1943 - Berlin, 08.05.1943 Essen
Friedrichs, ? - Kriminalkommissarin 02.05.1942 - Hamburg, 02.05.1942 Stuttgart
Geib, ? - Kriminalrätin 21.02.1942 - Hamburg, 14.08.1943 Wien
Gönne, ? - Kriminalrätin 12.08.1944 - Berlin
Hahn, ? - Kriminalkommissarin 19.02.1944 - Bochum
Hartenfels, ? - Kriminalkommissarin 19.02.1944 - Leipzig
Haun, ? - Kriminalkommissarin 19.02.1944 - Wien
Horn, ? - Kriminalkommissarin 19.02.1944 - Saarbrücken
Hüther, Käthe - Kriminalkommissarin - München
Kall, ? - Kriminalkommissarin 11.07.1942 - Düsseldorf
Kloppenburg,? - Kriminalkommissarin 23.05.1942, Bremen
Klos, ? - Kriminalkommissarin 19.02.1944 - Mannheim
Klöppel, ? - Kriminalkommissarin 23 .05.1942 - Dortmund
Koppikte, Anni - Kriminaloberassistentin z.Pr. - Stettin
Kordt, ? - Kriminalkommissarin 19.02.1944 - Wien
Lange, ? - Kriminalkommissarin 19.02.1944 - Nürnberg
Lüttgen, ? - Kriminalkommissarin 19.02.1944 - Köln
Meyer-Arndt, ? - Kriminalkommissarin 19.02.1944 - Dresden
Müller, Anna - Kriminaloberassistentin - Düsseldorf
Peters, ? - Kriminalkommissarin - Berlin, 26.06.1943 Recklinghausen
Pfahl, ? - Kriminalrätin 06.06.1942 - Köln
Pissokowski, ? - Kriminalkommissarin 25.05.1942 - Berlin
Recknagel, Erna - Kriminalkommissarin 05.07.1941 - Wien, 1943.07.24 München
Rost, ? - Kriminalkommissarin 02.05.1942 - Karlsruhe
Rothschuh, ? - Kriminalkommissarin 1942-06-27 - Berlin
Rübenach, ? - Kriminalkommissarin - Bremen
Scherz, ? - Kriminalkommissarin 19.02.1944 - Berlin
Scholz, ? - Kriminalkommissarin - Berlin, 08.05.1943 Essen
Schönfeld, ? - Kriminalkommissarin 05.07.1941 - Hannover
Schrader, ? - Kriminalkommissarin 19.02.1944 - Hannover
Schulte, ? - Kriminalkommissarin 19.02.1944 - Breslau
Tabbert, ? - Kriminalkommissarin z.Pr. 27.07.1941 - Kiel
Teickner, ? - Kriminalkommissarin 06.06.1942 - Halle
Templin, ? - Kriminalkommissarin 02.05.1942 - Poznan
Vöß, ? - Kriminalinspektorin - Dormund (retired 06.1941)
Weniger, ? - Kriminalkommissarin 23.05.1942 - Lodz
Wenzlaff, ? - Kriminalkommissarin 19.02.1944 - Hamburg
Wieking, Friederike - Kriminalrätin 08.05.1943 - Berlin, RSHA V

Regards Puck

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Re: Elfriede Dinger wife of Ernst Gennat

Post by Peter » 25 Sep 2017 14:26

I note another female

Toberentz, ? Kriminalrätin 08.05.1943 - Berlin, RSHA V she was formerly Krim-Kommissarin.

regards Peter

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Re: Elfriede Dinger wife of Ernst Gennat

Post by Peter » 31 Dec 2019 15:59

I know that there were female auxiliaries within the SS and presumably therefore a formal rank structure. I had not previously considered the implication of the female senior Kripo officers and SS membership. Obviously none are listed in SS-DALs and I have seen nothing in 40 years of research . As females was there no requirement for them, as Police officers, to join the SS, especially with ranks such as Kriminalrätin based at Berlin, RSHA V ?
thanks Peter

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