Irma Grese in CROWCASS

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Irma Grese in CROWCASS

Post by Subcontrary » 20 Apr 2019 18:34

Hello, this is my first post, I hope I am doing everything correctly!

In his biography of Irma Grese, Daniel Patrick Brown records the entry for Irma Grese in the Spring, 1945 edition of the Central Registry of War Criminals and Security Suspects (CROWCASS):

"Grese, Irma (female); SS-Aufseherin; German national. Born: 7 Oct 1923 at Wrechen. Subject was a war criminal charged with "COMMON DESIGN" at Auschwitz. Note: Received for her "splendid work" in exterminating inmates a Medal for Meritorious War Service. Present whereabouts unknown."

I have only found editions of CROWCASS from 1947 onward, which do not include any entry on Grese. Also these subsequent editions read like phonebooks, and have very little information besides the name, sex, crime wanted for, and country wanted by. Was the Spring, 1945 edition really that much more detailed than the subsequent editions?

Grese was arrested by the British in April of 1945, and so if the editors of the CROWCASS knew that she had been charged for crimes at Auschwitz, how might they not have known her present whereabouts? Wouldn't they have known that she was in custody?

Does anyone know if there's an online version of CROWCASS from Spring, 1945 online anywhere?

Thank you for any information on this topic! I hope my questions make sense.

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Re: Irma Grese in CROWCASS

Post by Venturewolf » 12 Sep 2019 14:57

Hello Subcontary
You may find the crowcass detention lists database on the UN archive pages, I have lists 1-10 which does not include details of the Belsen detainees, when Irma was arrested the information I would think would have gone up the british chain of command JAG etc, I do not think informing the UN would be a priority as the British were working on there own capture list as per Operation Talisman
best regards

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