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Re: Lebensborn

Post by Oberhessin » 31 Aug 2011 07:50

Thats a story often told: That the children of the non-married Lebensbornmothers felt unwished.

Kinderfachabteilungen are those medical parts in the hospitals for insane people, who treated mentally oder physically crippled or damaged children. These "Fachabteilungen" were involved in the killing of handicapped Children to a very high degree. I do apologize for my explanation, my english is not very good in medical terms.
The source are the files of the Chief Medical Adviser of the Lebensborn, Dr. Gregor Ebner (ITS Bad Arolsen).

Mauser, was he born in Steinhöring?

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Re: Lebensborn

Post by Mauser K98k » 31 Aug 2011 18:53

Oberhessin wrote:Thats a story often told: That the children of the non-married Lebensbornmothers felt unwished.
That's certainly understandable. My friend was always kind of melancholy. He got a vasectomy when he was younger because he never wanted any children. I always thought (to myself) it was because he just wanted to avoid responsibility, but it may have had deeper psychological roots related to his origins. Who knows?
Mauser, was he born in Steinhöring?
I'm sorry, Oberhessin, I don't remember that he told me exactly where he was born. I haven't talked to him for a couple of years, he moved to a different city about 8 years ago, and we kept in touch via telephone.

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Re: Lebensborn

Post by Annelie » 08 Oct 2019 23:42

he card index contained information on about 1,050 births. Many of the men and women who took part in the project subsequently married other partners and had children by those marriages who became their heirs. Mr Kaminski said that the potential for dispute and litigation was immense.

But he added: "I think that everyone in the world has the right to know who his or her mother and father are."

A spokesman for the archive, Wilhelm Lenz, confirmed this week that it had records on some of the children, but he declined to say how many. He said the files were a "highly sensitive issue", and were not being made available to the public or media.


The records of the entire project were moved to Nussdorf, near Munich, to save them from the allied bombing of the city. US troops found them there after the war and dumped them in a river.

But the card index survived, according to Mr Kaminski. It was sent in the late 40s or early 50s to a German government institute in Heidelberg.
Are there any new information such as easy access online perhaps to names of donors?

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