Eva Braun Diary (Partial)

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Re: Eva Braun Diary (Partial)

Post by kiwi123 » 15 Jun 2009 11:34

If you knowledgeable people are still around, I'm reading a book claiming to be Eva Braun's later diary, dating 1937 to 1944. Published as "The Diary of Eva Braun", commentary by Alan Bartlett, published by Spectrum International copyright Bartlett 2000. Originally published 1949 Aldus Publications.

Is this based on fake documents? (Sure sounds like it!) Apparently these typewritten pages were given by Eva Braun in person to Luis Trenker, for safe-keeping until after the war. He had them authenticated by a notary public towards the end of 1945, so the story goes.

Not many people type their diaries, but perhaps she had her reasons - she could always claim not to be the author if it was discovered, where her handwriting would give her away. She could also keep the bulk of the documents hidden, and if discovered with one or two pages of recently typed text, the rest could remain safely hidden. She was probably dim enough to think she could keep the Gestapo from locating where she hid the rest.

If authentic, the material would surely have landed her in the deepest of trouble. The text quite casually names murderers, rapists and details a messy suicide by an unrequited lover of Hitler's at the Berghof. Much of the sleaze rings true, but some, such as her claim to have slept with Goebbels, seem simply nonsensical. I haven't yet got to the bit where she is supposed to have had a daughter with Hitler in 1940. :lol:

If this publication has been debunked, as I expect it has, I'd like to hear the low-down. It reads a bit like "Obersalzberg 90210!", but it would sure put an end to all that speculation about Hitler not having a sex life! :lol: Serious scholars might find such a publication too grubby to reference, even if it were authentic, but I don't think those truely interested in the psyche of Adolf Hitler could simply dismiss Eva Braun's writings, if genuine. They would surely provide a unique insight to his character.

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Re: Eva Braun Diary (Partial)

Post by topseed66 » 15 Jun 2009 13:18

Unfortunately, unless you were there in person, there is no way to know for sure if this is true or false. All books that are written and published always have some of the authors feelings in them. Most books are published form a certain point of view, and without knowing that author you dont know what he/she was trying to accomplish by writing this book.

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Re: Eva Braun Diary (Partial)

Post by Phil Nix » 11 Jul 2009 17:43

I found this pic in a book on Eva Braun its from Nara
Phil Nix
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Re: Eva Braun Diary (Partial)

Post by Radio Berlim » 14 Dec 2010 06:47

Greetings to all,

I would like to know your opinion about a supposed new Eva Braun's diary that was released worldwide this month. The original title is "Eva" is authored by Simone Bernard-Dupré (lawyer for the Paris court of appeal) and has the support of Francois Renuit. This journal has claimed about 300 pages, the first note of the day of Eva begins February 6, 1929 and ends on April 30, 1945.

A synopsis of the book itself says that this diary was written by Eve ALLEGEDLY It was translated by a German named Humer who lived in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil and that before he died gave the diary translated to a neighbor with a letter asking to her to do everything in their power to ensure that the book was published.

Humer claims that he met Eva in strange circumstances that can not reveal, moreover, is itself says that parts of the book are fictional, and as he tried to figure out what was in the mind of Eve thus, in this, the reader never knows which parts are true and which parts are fiction.

For those who appreciate the history of this time, and especially those who've read a lot about the relationship with Eva Hitler like me, I think this diary is more a farce. I confess that I'm going half the book yet, but who reads it realizes that it was written by someone AFTER the war. Do not know how you explain it, but for example there is a entry that Eva talks about the extermination of the Jews, writing this entry BEFORE the war started.

Furthermore, and here's what leads me to doubt the veracity of the book. Is that 95% of everything she writes is there to speak evil of Hitler, calling him a pathetic clown, demented, evil, sadistic, etc ... is this the speech of a woman who loved a man from the the first day she saw him until his death? I doubt it. The book is full of hatred of Hitler and anti-Nazi, moreover, and with all respect for Eva, I doubt she had a profound understanding of internal and external politics as is the case throughout the book.

Finally, what this diary is an attempt to portray Eva clever, cunning, disguised, who understands politics and international relations and only write negative things against Hitler and his regime.

To me this "Diary" is false.

I would like to know the opinion of colleagues.


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Re: Eva Braun Diary (Partial)

Post by Annelie » 29 Apr 2016 16:52

This is an old thread but I am just finishing reading Riefenstahl's diary.
Contains lots of details that make the era interesting.

On the question of the diary...Was Eva Brauns diary a fake..

First let me tell you about this man Luis Trenker.
He told lies frequently.
One blatant lie.....

Told an employee of Bavarian Television Network that Riefenstahl had
a friend of his Herr Moser thrown into concentration camp where he
died. He was a dowser on Tiefland film.
While travelling in the Dolomites where the location of Tiefland was filmed
they met an local waitress who served them and they ended up chatting.
Leni inquired if they remembered Herr Moser.....of course they did this women
replied. He visited often and had just died several years ago from mushroom
poisoning . He had lived his life in South Tyrol with an rich Englishwomen.
Moser was never locked up for even one day as he spent his time climbing
mountains during the war with his Englishwoman.

On the Eva Braun diary.

In 1946 Trenker wrote Herr Gorter with request of all and any
date on Braun, romances, school she attended, fellow students,
relations with sisters, conditions at home how she treated fellow students
what she was like in school, if she was intelligent,where she was born where
her mother comes from anything in great detail. This info had to be
15 to 20 pages long and sent 4 or 5 pages at a time with photos inclosed of
her house or parents..that this was for an newspaper.

1948 Luis Trenker had been offered 50,000 for publishing rights to
Eva Brauns memoirs. After examination of American and Austrian military government ascertained the manuscript was found to be a gross fabrication and a pornographic concoction.

Sept. 48 Eva Brauns sister joined Riefenstahl's case for libel using Dr. Karl Beinhardt,
Dr. Hans Weber and Dr. Gritschneder lawyers. Trial began in Sept. 48 in civil court
but they could not sue because Luis Trenker remained in Italy and Germans then were
not allowed to sue foreigners...they did prove without a doubt in a few hours that
the diary was a forgery and had an injunction against the publisher....the evidence
was so irrefutable that the publisher didn't appeal...

Later it was discovered parts of Eva Brauns so called diary had been lifted from
Countess Larisch-Wallersee's revelations about the imperial court of Vienna - published in 1913...entire passages verbatim had been copied.

After all the above still people still are under the impression that Trenker had
the diary.

Luis Trenker seems to have had no remorse for the forgery IMHO.

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