Female fighters in Berlin, 1945

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Female fighters in Berlin, 1945

Post by paul.i.w » 07 Apr 2004 13:50

I have come across a few scant references to women fighting in the last days of the Third Reich - eg in 'The Fall of Berlin' by Read and Fisher. Has anyone any more details or sources? Was there anything organised or was it partly a matter of women out for (understandable) revenge?


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Post by Porsche » 07 Apr 2004 21:45

Hans Holzträgers book "In a raging inferno" states that BDM girls are known to have fought the Russians in various locations in the final stages of the war. In particular he cites BDM Mädescharführerin fighting in HJ Regiment Frankfurt/Oder and Breslau.

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Daniel L
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Post by Daniel L » 08 Apr 2004 00:01

As far as I know an all-female Bataillon was formed during the Berlin battle.

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Jeremy Chan
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Post by Jeremy Chan » 08 Apr 2004 02:19

James Lucas in World War Two Through German Eyes states that BDM members helped destroy Svoiet armour using Panzerfausts, Panzerschreks and satchel charges. He states also that women were involved in the German partisan organisation, 'Wehrwolf (or Werewolves), but were not able to served in a woman's battalion 'Adolf Hitler', which was proposed on 4 March 1945.
Also read Antony Beevor's Berlin: The Downfall.

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