What about Himmlers daughter?

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What about Himmlers daughter?

Post by Tnk » 25 Aug 2002 11:02

Heinrich Himmler mit Tochter Gudrun



Gudrun Burwitz is the daughter of one-time SS Chief,
Heinrich Himmler. Roy Godenau (see separate entry) tried to
secure an appointment for Ron Furey with Gudrun Burwitz for an
interview for The Right Way. Though an icon of the neo-Nazi
movement, Burwitz is reluctant to speak to anyone either about
her father or her political views because her husband is
vehemently opposed to any such discussions. Nevertheless, Gudrun
Burwitz consented to speak with Ron for a few minutes over the
phone, where she expressed her satisfaction with his involvement
"in the movement." Gudrun Burwitz is a close friend of Florrie
Rost van Tonningen (see separate entry).

Is their any information about this woman?


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