NS-Frauenschaft Gaufrauenschaftsführerin

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Re: NS-Frauenschaft Gaufrauenschaftsführerin

Post by Matt Gibbs » 30 Jan 2023 15:07

Margarete (?) Maria-Theresia von Metnitz is noted in Fraun Warte Vol.11 No7 (Nov 1942) as being from Klagenfurt and working as a 'Gaufrauenschaftsleiterin'.

The tiny gothic script of the article about the Blood Order holders of the July 1934 Putsch in Austria is defeating me. Has anyone seen her records or which part of the FS organisation she was a leader of?

Igor Karpov
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Re: NS-Frauenschaft Gaufrauenschaftsführerin

Post by Igor Karpov » 07 Jul 2023 13:44

A shoddy one, but nevertheless...
Hildegard Spelda (l) and Gerda Lindner (r)

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