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Re: NS-Frauenschaft Gaufrauenschaftsführerin

Post by Igor Karpov » 16 Oct 2019 13:35

Heimatschuss wrote:
05 Jun 2016 10:56

here are some shots from a photo series that shows Flemish nurse trainees of the German Red Cross (DRK) taking their final course exam in La Hulpe, Belgium on Jan. 28th, 1944. One of the photo captions gives the name of the female DRK official addressing the future nurses as
'DRK-Oberstführerin von Hoffmann'. In my opinion the face and hairdo of this woman have a stark resemblance to that of Frieda von Hofmann, the Gaufrauenschaftsleiterin in Gau Köln-Aachen.

There are some factors making it very likely this is indeed Frieda von Hofmann:

a) Frieda von Hofmann had served as a nurse during WW I and was married with a MD.

b) Several prominent members of NS-Frauenschaft including Gertrud Scholtz-Klink also held high ranks in the German Red Cross. The relationship between NS-Frauenschaft and the female division of the German Red Cross was more or less symbiotic during WW II.

c) Gau Cologne-Aachen where Frieda von Hofmann worked had very close ties to neighbouring Belgium during the German occupation 1940 - 1944.

d) The spelling of German names and designations by Cegesoma is often somewhat haphazard. 'Hoffmann' and 'Hofmann' are easily confused.

What do you think?

Best regards
Affirmative. Yes, Thorsten, she held the rank of DRK-Oberstführerin.


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