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Re: NS-Frauenschaft Gaufrauenschaftsführerin

Post by Igor Karpov » 16 Oct 2019 13:35

Heimatschuss wrote:
05 Jun 2016 10:56

here are some shots from a photo series that shows Flemish nurse trainees of the German Red Cross (DRK) taking their final course exam in La Hulpe, Belgium on Jan. 28th, 1944. One of the photo captions gives the name of the female DRK official addressing the future nurses as
'DRK-Oberstführerin von Hoffmann'. In my opinion the face and hairdo of this woman have a stark resemblance to that of Frieda von Hofmann, the Gaufrauenschaftsleiterin in Gau Köln-Aachen.

There are some factors making it very likely this is indeed Frieda von Hofmann:

a) Frieda von Hofmann had served as a nurse during WW I and was married with a MD.

b) Several prominent members of NS-Frauenschaft including Gertrud Scholtz-Klink also held high ranks in the German Red Cross. The relationship between NS-Frauenschaft and the female division of the German Red Cross was more or less symbiotic during WW II.

c) Gau Cologne-Aachen where Frieda von Hofmann worked had very close ties to neighbouring Belgium during the German occupation 1940 - 1944.

d) The spelling of German names and designations by Cegesoma is often somewhat haphazard. 'Hoffmann' and 'Hofmann' are easily confused.

What do you think?

Best regards
Affirmative. Yes, Thorsten, she held the rank of DRK-Oberstführerin.


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Re: NS-Frauenschaft Gaufrauenschaftsführerin

Post by nachomenorca » 07 May 2021 18:48

Hi! I have this Frauenschaft Urkunde signed by Isabella Pompe? Please let your opinion if this signature is from her, I check the lnames list all you have posted and seems to match with this Gaufrauenschaftsleiterin.

Thanks in advance

frauenschaft urkunde isabella pompe.jpg
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Re: NS-Frauenschaft Gaufrauenschaftsführerin

Post by nachomenorca » 10 May 2021 18:52

Eponine wrote:
16 Feb 2017 23:41

I found information about Gaufrauenschaftsführerin of Sudetenland - Isabella Pompe. I hope you find it interesting!

date of birth: 22. 12. 1901
place of birth: Wien, Austria
date of death: ???
place of death: ???

She was born as Isabella Grandmayer, profession: the literature teacher, member of DTV.
15. 1. 1934 she was joined to SdP (Sudetendeutsche Partei) (no. 51291). From 1935 member of the Kreisleitung in Böhmische Leipa (Česká Lípa) and the Kreisfrauenschaftsleiterin, from 1.1.1936 member of Frauenbeirates der SdP, head of the Frauenorganisation (she was officially represented by Rudolf Dietel in SdP, but she was doing all the important work). Gaufrau in BdD (Bund der Deutschen), from 1936 the leader of the women in Deutschen Kulturverband. In agreement with Gertrud Scholz-Klink she was named as Gaufrauenschaftsleiterin. She was also the leader of Deutsche Frauenwerk, the leader of Gauwaltung DAF and the leading expert for women question.
Thanks to Pompe became the Frauenschaft in the county of Sudetenland the strongest organisation in the whole Reich – it was very hard to find a woman in Sudetenland who was not a member of the NS-Frauenschaft or Deutsche Frauenwerk!
Even before the declaration of all-out war deployment she developed a large recruitment event for women to work, she personally spoke at large gatherings in all districts of the county, where she attended 3-4 day gatherings per day. The result was great – hundreds of women volunteered for service although this service was not obligatory for them.
She had good relationship with Konrad Henlein, she had great authority and was characterized as very ambitious and ruthless woman, type of “butch woman”, who put great pressure at her co-workers and the entire surroundings. She permitted no own opinion.
She lived separated of her husband and had close relations with some woman in Berlin (implied that she was a lesbian). Her husband was allegedly expelled from the SS and the party.

In 1946 she lived in Munich under name Römpel.
Honors: 30. 1. 1943 Honorary Golden Badge of NSDAP.

Source: Biman, Stanislav: Kdo byl kdo v Říšské župě Sudety. Biografická příručka A-Z, Státní oblastní archiv v Litoměřicích, 2008, ISBN: 978-80-254-3039-2 (electronic publication - "Who was who in Reichsgau Sudetenland. Biographical guide.")
Original source: A MV; BA Berlin BDC PK J 156/1925

best regards,
Hi Lucie! I didn't realize this post of you, fantastic info about Isabelle Pompe!!

Best Regards


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