Hess's sister - Ley's wife?

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Post by Annelie » 09 Apr 2006 00:11

Well Matt,

I have made an inquiry. Maybe they provide a service for those that do
not personally visit the library?


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Post by Vikki » 09 Apr 2006 03:11

Matt Gibbs wrote:I bet Fraulein V. would like to get her hands on that hat ;)
[now I had best go and hide]
No kidding....and the dress as well! :wink:


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Post by Big Orange » 09 Apr 2006 22:16

Ley sounds like a real brute, in the way he treated poor Inga and arguably drove her to suicide. And more well known Nazi monsters like Heinrich Himmler, Reinhard Heydrich and Adolf Eichmann sounded like decent family men who treated their wives, mistresses and children with respect.

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Post by Matt Gibbs » 09 Apr 2006 23:12

As an aside, I guess, does it qualify as respect for his wife that a man goes out and gets a mistress? Depends on the time, morality, belief in religion, acceptance to society I guess?

Matt Gibbs

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Post by zmija » 09 Apr 2006 23:32

According to the book Hitlers Helfer by Guido Knopp Rudolf Hess had two siblings - Alfred and Margarete.

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Post by Big Orange » 09 Apr 2006 23:37

Although Robert Ley was a hollow rubber stamp in the Nazi Party, that did not stop him from being a very unpleasant person, although ironically he perhaps did not hold particularly strong anti-Semitic views; before he hung himself like a coward in his cell at Nuremberg, he wrote out an essay on how Jews and Gentiles could co-exist in peace.

Did the Leys have children?

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Hess' sister

Post by Flinker » 10 Apr 2006 07:25

Hess had one sister -- Margarete, nicknamed "Gretel." She married an army officer with the surname Rauch, so "Gretel Rauch" may be a good name to use in searching.

My information comes from the book "The Murder of Rudolph Hess," by W. Hugh Thomas. She is mentioned on pp 104, 173, and particularly on page 206 in chapter notes. The book conveys nothing regarding her having been married to Robert Ley. I know I've read more about this woman somewhere, but haven't found it in my library yet ... will search further.

Regarding Bleuel's account in "Sex and Society in Nazi Germany" of Ley's stripping wife Inge naked in front of company is pure poppycock, IMHO. One must note that this wild account was provided by the wife of the French ambassador (pg 3). The book is full of sensationalizm just as its title promises. It was first published under the title "Strength Through Joy," but that wasn't "sexy" enough for publisher Lippencott and its English translation (November 1973). With "sex" in the title and a swastica incorporated on the book cover, it was destined to enjoy better market success.

Snarke, the Bleuel book also mentions that Ley had FOUR wives. That's one more than your Russian friend indicated. Perhaps the other one is Gretel.

How terribly difficult it must have been for Ley to lead a secure and steady life with those wives of his committing hari cari. Marital probems take on many forms.

Werner Maser, in his book "Hitler," mentions the numerous women who contended for Hitler's attentions (pg 198), and having been frustrated, either tried or succeeded in committing suicide. Apparently Inge Ley was one of many that Maser lists:
... Inge Ley, a former actress, thew herself out of a window after writing Hitler a letter that is said to have affected him deeply.
So here we have a hint of the real story. Perhaps it wasn't Ley's alleged brutality, but the fatal attraction of Hitler that led to the death of Inge.

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Post by TePe » 11 Apr 2006 20:06

2 more pics of Inga Ley from my collection...
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Post by Flinker » 12 Apr 2006 04:02

Very nice pictures!

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Re: Hess's sister - Ley's wife?

Post by Helge » 09 Jul 2010 20:28

http://www.martina-galunder-verlag.de/k ... _land.html

Mein Vater Robert Ley
Meine Erinnerungen und Vaters Geschichte


Renate Martha Emilie Forest (1922 † 2004 in Wiehl) was a German sociologist.

Forest was from 1974 until her retirement in 1987 Professor of Sociology at the University of Wuppertal. Her professional focus was "professional socialization". They dealt mainly with biographies of women and girls and operational early feminist sociology.

Forest was the daughter of a high Nazi official, Robert Ley. In her memoirs, "My father Robert Ley - My father's memories and history", she discussed with her family of origin.

After her is founded in 2005, Renate Forest Foundation, named, which has its headquarters in Bonn
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Re: Hess's sister - Ley's wife?

Post by brick2 » 03 Aug 2010 02:11

A clue to the resting place of Inga Ley http://www.loc.gov/pictures/item/2005692607
Leys former estate at Rottland Waldbrol North Rhine

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Re: Hess's sister - Ley's wife?

Post by Arkenneld » 17 Oct 2014 11:26

is there any photos of Marianne Hess which is married to Karl Gebhardt is she related to Rudolf Hess ?

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Re: Hess's sister - Ley's wife?

Post by Balrog » 12 Nov 2014 15:33

Doeas anyone have any photos of Ley's former villa which still stands in Berlin?

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Re: Hess's sister - Ley's wife?

Post by Fides Germania » 24 Feb 2018 15:07

Hi Guys,
If any one has more info, wld be appreciated.
Dr Robert Ley, one of the best National Socialists yet one of the most unknown.
There wld have been no National Socialist State or economic miracle with out him.
This is why he is so much maligned in the little written of him.
In my frustration of getting any real info on Dr Ley, I turned to Allied Interrogation Reports! See http://reader.library.cornell.edu/docvi ... 4/mode/1up and others. Use google search " Interrogations Robert Ley and you will get a plethora of Info.
Ley under interrogation was quite lucid with nothing to hide. The "suicide" may have been an assassination deduced solely on the fact that like Goring, Ley would have given the prosecution a run for their money - judged by the pre trial interrogation transcripts.
But, we will never know as all the witnesses are dead. On the other hand Ley was going to die in the bunker like Hitler and so many others, but Hitler sent him away with orders to carry on the fight in the south - which he did - so after experiencing the Allies hospitality at Mondorf and Nuremberg, he very well may have decided to join Hitler and Goebbels in Valhalla as he had intended to do earlier.
Ley's 1st wife, virtually no info on him. She may have divorced him when in about 1927 he gave up a good job at CiebaGeigy to work for the NSDAP for little pay.
His 2nd wife died as a result of a tragic post natal depression which led to suicide. Ley was very affected by this and turned to drink. 1942, which Hitler picked him up on in 1943.
Every one knows what a ladys man and a Victorian prude Hitler was, so could you imagine Ley being free for one minute if he had thrown Inga out of a window or had a life sized portrait of her in the nude in prime position every time Hitler came for tea at the Ley household. Remember, Hitler was happy to fire Goebbels, his most essential man, over the marriage scandal. And the many cases of Hitler firing staff because they had not done the right thing by their girlfriends. The accusations against Ley are preposterous.
The last myth I would like to dispel tonight is the drunkenness!
Yes, after the tragic death of Inge Ley took to drink, but cleaned himself up on Hitlers request not long afterwards.
It is well known Ley received brain damage in WWI. It left him with a stutter and a lisp. The lisp can be heard in all speeches. It is true that he treated the stutter by relaxing with a drink. The same way as many of us take medication for depression or anxiety or whatever.
Unlike Churchill who only developed his lisp whilst intoxicated, Ley was sober. Do you think that Hitler, the undisputed organisational and propaganda genius of the 1st 1/2 of the 20th century would have employed a drunk as Organisational Leader of the NSDAP? Not likely.
And would Hitler have appointed a drunk and wife beater to the head of his most passionate sceame, outlined in Mein Kampf, the DAF?
And unlike Goring who had trainloads of fine wines sent earlier to the 'Berg Ley took a suitcase with him to organise the last resistance to the Allies, the "FreiKorps Adolf Hitler".
I am working - very slowly - on a book on Ley. If anyone has arguments against the above or information in favor of Ley, I wld be happy to hear from you. Contact the forum org to access email address.

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Re: Hess's sister - Ley's wife?

Post by Waleed Y. Majeed » 24 Feb 2018 18:30

A google search anno 2018 for Robert Ley comes up with wikipedia, usually in local language and an english version. Not much on personal life. Try the german version and you'll find Elisabeth Schmidt and Inga Spilcker as wives, also Renate Wald as child, born 1924. https://de.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Renate_Wald
Don't believe eveything you read on wiki but the names might be of some help.


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