90 leichte Afrika Division - Corrections

Corrections and additions to the material posted on the Axis History Factbook.
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Corrections and additions to the material posted on the Axis History Factbook.
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90 leichte Afrika Division - Corrections

Postby Urmel » 25 Mar 2013 10:42

I corrected the text below:

The 90. Leichte Afrika-Division was formed as Afrika-Division z.b.V (or Divisionskommando z.b.v. Afrika) in August 1941 around a cadre from smaller units serving in Africa. It was supposed to take part in the assault on Tobruk in November 1941, prior to which it was placed in the border position at Sollum Halfaya, together with the Italian Savona Division. Its first action was Operation CRUSADER where it fought at Sidi Rezegh and on the Tobruk perimeter, suffering heavy losses while defending at Sidi Rezegh and against the breakout of the Tobruk garrison. It was consequently withdrawn from the battle area to Agedabia in early December 1941. It was redesignated 90. Leichte Infanterie-Division on 22 November 1941 and 90. Afrika-Division on 26 July 1942.

It fought at Sidi Rezegh, Agedabia, Gazala, Bir Hacheim, in the conquest of Tobruk, and later at El Alamein where it suffered heavy losses. It later continued to suffer heavy losses during the retreat (in January 1943 the division was at half strength) and finally surrendered in Tunisia on 12 May 1943.

Infanterie-Regiment (mot) 361 (also verstärktes Afrika-Regiment 361) was made up of Germans who previously served in the French Foreign Legion. It arrived in North Africa in November 1941, without its heavy weapons and equipment. See also Penal units of the Heer.

Division Commanders
10 Dec 41 - 28 Dec 41 - Oberst Mickl as Divisionsfuehrer
28 Dec 41 - Generalmajor Veith.

Order of battle

The division underwent considerable expansion and changes due to its initial ad-hoc nature, and the heavy losses it suffered in operations. The OOB is therefore not to be taken as a specific OOB that applied at a given date, but rather aims to list as many of the units attached to the division in its history.

Division-Kartenstelle (mot) 259
Infanterie-Regiment (mot) 155
Infanterie-Regiment (mot) 200
Infanterie-Regiment (mot) 361 (also verstärktes Afrika-Regiment 361) (from November 1941)
Panzergrenadier-Regiment (mot) Afrika (aka Sonderverband 288) (from January 1942)
Kolbeck-Bataillon (ad-hoc unit formed in December 1941, existed only for a few days)
Schwere Infanteriegeschütz-Kompanie 707 (from 1942)
Schwere Infanteriegeschütz-Kompanie 708 (from 1942)
Panzerjäger-Abteilung 605 (1941/42)
Panzerjäger-Abteilung (mot) 190 (from 1942)
Afrika-Art. Abteilung 361 (1941)
Artillerie-Regiment (mot) 190 (from 1942)
Aufklärungs-Kompanie (mot) 580 (from January 1942)
Nachrichten-Abteilung (mot)
Pionier-Bataillon (mot) 900
Feldersatz-Bataillon (from 1942)
Krankenkraftwagen-Zug (mot) 638
Kraftwagenwerkstatt-Zug 566
Munitionsverwaltungs-Kompanie (mot) 540
Bäckerei-Kompanie (mot) 535
Schlächterei-Kompanie (mot) 517
Divisions-Verpflegungsamt (mot)
Feldgendarmerie-Trupp (mot)
Feldpostamt (mot) 190

KTB of Division z.b.V. Afrika/90. lei. Afrika-Division
The excellence of [German] forward repair and recovery organisation gives us a salutary lesson in this respect. 7 Armoured Division report, Sept. 1941

The CRUSADER Project - The Winter Battle in the Desert 1941/42

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Re: 90 leichte Afrika Division - Corrections

Postby Marcus Wendel » 25 Mar 2013 11:07

Many thanks Urmel, I'll make the changes.


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Division z.b.V. Afrika / 90. leichte Afrika-Division

Postby askropp » 17 May 2017 21:13

For this unit, the KTB is available from the very beginning until the last change of commanders. So we can now say with certainty:

26.06.1941 - 17.07.1941 Major Heinz von Ziegler und Klipphausen (mstWdGb)
17.07.1941 - 10.12.1941 Oberst (01.09.1941 Generalmajor) Max Sümmermann
10.12.1941 – 28.12.1941 Oberst Johann Mickl (mstFb)
28.12.1941 – 29.04.1942 Generalmajor Richard Veith
29.04.1942 – 14.06.1942 Generalmajor Ulrich Kleemann
14.06.1942 – 18.06.1942 Oberst Werner Marcks (mstFb)
18.06.1942 – 19.06.1942 Oberst Erwin Menny (mstFb)
19.06.1942 – 21.06.1942 Oberst Werner Marcks (mstFb)
21.06.1942 – 08.09.1942 Generalmajor Ulrich Kleemann
08.09.1942 – 15.09.1942 Generalmajor Bernhard Ramcke (mstFb)
15.09.1942 – 22.09.1942 Oberst Hermann Schulte-Heuthaus (mstFb)
22.09.1942 – 24.09.1942 Oberst Hans Hecker (mstFb)
24.09.1942 – 12.05.1943 Oberst (01.11.1942 Generalmajor) Theodor Graf von Sponeck
Er ist wieder da. Aber auch dieses Mal wird er nicht siegen!

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