Soviet Army's automobile stocks, losses and deliveries

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Re: Soviet Army's automobile stocks, losses and deliveries

Postby Der Alte Fritz » 17 Jul 2017 20:21

First point to note that the overall size of the fleet on 9th May 1945 is smaller than that of 22nd June 1941 and with losses of 600,000+ vehicles and another 150,000 worn out. Against this is the Soviet home production of 205-212,000, imports of 312,000 and captured enemy vehicles of 60,000 a total of around 570,000 vehicles, leaving a deficit of 200,000 vehicles.

This position backs up the previous tables that I posted showing that the transfer of vehicles from civil economy to the military plus the diverting of almost all the production to the Army was what kept the military going especially in 1942 and 1943 when the deficit over the pre-war stock was at its highest of up to 400,000 vehicles.

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