Could use some help.

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Could use some help.

Post by Jano » 17 Dec 2002 14:28

I saw a "To Die For The Führer" documentary yesterday, actually just the end of it. And they showed some footage taken when the Russians were in Berlin and in it was also a "Reich Kanzelei" (hope I wrote it correctly) sign on which Russians had written something, it started "Nu vot tvoju ...". Unfortunately I didn't manage to read the whole sentence but I'm quite curious, what was written there, so I would appreciate any help.


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David E M
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Post by David E M » 18 Dec 2002 02:34

well just a mad guess, Nu = well, job tvoy you maat, closest I can get to the sound . means literally go F**k your Mother, but sounds worse in English than in Russian common phrase I think like 'Piss off dick head'
could go on with this but I wont.

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