T-34 frontal armor vs 50mm kwk 38 or 39 L/60

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Re: T-34 frontal armor vs 50mm kwk 38 or 39 L/60

Post by rcocean » 24 May 2021 14:58

Thanks. It seems odd given the USA's obsession with everything "Nazi" (I'm waiting for the annual Hitler biography) this hasn't been translated and published. I see that 3 PORTIONS of Goebbels diary were published in English, but the gaps are enormous. It could be a matter of $$$. Most 'muricans don't like to read primary sources and prefer to be told & retold the same narrative over and over again in a "story format". Y'know "good guy Ike takes on Snotty brit Montgomery", or "Giants that strode the earth, FDR and Churchill save the world", etc.

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