Red Army OOB on 1 July 1944

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Re: Red Army OOB on 1 July 1944

Post by Kelvin » 24 Sep 2010 15:34

8th and 4 Guards antitank brigades were attached to 69th Army but in Berlin Operation, 8th and 40th Antitank Brigades were attached to 3rd Shock Army.

Additional 3 antitank brigades were sent to reinforce 1st Byelorussian Front : 25th and 39th Antitank Brigades and 45th Antitank Brigade to 3rd Shock Army during late 1944 and early 1945. After Feb 1945, 33rd Antitank Brigade was reinforced to Front too.

Both 1st and 2nd Guards Tank Armies also had their organic light artillery Brigades : 1st Guards Tank Army had 197th Light Artillery Brigades while 2nd Guards Tank Army had 198th Light Artillery Brigades

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Re: Red Army OOB on 1 July 1944

Post by Kelvin » 25 Sep 2010 21:13

During Soviet offensive in Jan 1945, 8th Guards Army were reinforced with 6th and 22nd Breakthrough Artillery Divisions.

In Jan 1945, 1st Byelorussian Front had 2 Guards, 3 Guards, 4 Guards, 13th, 18th, 24th, 31st and 64th AA Divisions. Later had 19th AA division joined it

Correction : In Jan 1945,1st Byelorussian Front had 3 Guards, 4th Guards, 8th, 20th, 25th, 38th, 39th, 40th, 41st Antitank Brigades. Later 45th and 33rd antitank brigades joined it

Antitank Brigades location on Feb 1 1945
38th was under 8th Guards Army, 40th was under 5th Shock Army,20th under 33rd Army, 4th Guards under 47th Army, 8th under 69th Army,41st was under 1st Guards Tank Army, 3rd Guards, 25th and 39th were under the Front direct control.

AA division on Feb 1 1945 : 2nd Guards AA divison under 5th Shock Army, 3rd Guard AA under 8th Guards Army, 64th AA d under 33rd army, 31st AA under 47th Army, 13th AA under 61st Army, 4th Guards aA under 1st Guards Tank Army, 24th under 2nd Guards Tank Army and 18th and 19th AA under front control.

On Jan 1 1945, 8th Guards Army controlled 3rd Guards, 4th Guards and 13th AA division, 38th and 41st antitank brigades, 6th and 22nd Breakthrough artillery divisions and 43rd Gun Artillery Brigade.
47th Army controlled 31st AA division and 30th Gun Artillery division. 69th Army conttrolled 4th Guards and 8th antitank brigades and 18th AA division And Front directly controlled 2nd Guards, 24th and 64th AA division and 3rd Guards, 20, 25, 39 and 40th antitank Brigades

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Re: Red Army OOB on 1 July 1944

Post by tramonte » 18 Sep 2020 14:04

94 Rifle Corps (135, 221, 327 Rifle Division) was in June 1944 there in Karelian Front but in early July as reserve of Leningrad Front and reserve of 23th Army in Karelian Isthmus. There is mention by Ohto Manninen: " reserve of Leningrad Front until 9 July...". At least two of those divisions were in Karelian Isthmus front line service until 4-5 September armistice. However i do not know exact day when they arrived to Isthmus.
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Re: Red Army OOB on 1 July 1944

Post by Art » 18 Sep 2020 17:18

Leningrad Front's directive No.6277 of 28.6.44 to the commander of 94 RC: 94 RC is to be included in the Leningrad Front and concentrated at Muolanjarvi

Directive No.6292 of 7.7.44 to the commander of 94 RC: 94 RC with 135 and 221 Rifle Divisions is to be included in the 21 Army beginning from 24.00 7.7.44. 327 RD remains in the present area.

No.6295 of 9.7.44: 327 Rifle Division is to be included in the 23 Army beginning from 15.00 9.7.44.

As I remember, the 94 Rifle Corps relieved the 109 Rifle Corps in mid-July.

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